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Lives with his girlfriend but the two of them only eat together

We got to know each other while traveling. In the group, many people go alone, me and you too.

While visiting the ruins, I happened to stand next to her. I am very knowledgeable about the history and the images in the museum. In addition, the way she looks at economic, political and social issues like an expert makes me admire. We exchanged phone numbers and have known each other for over six months. I’m more and more emotionally attached to you. She has a life, a job, I understand I can’t want her to always answer the phone, meet often. But the fact that she only responds to feelings in a social way makes it difficult for me to make progress.

I mentioned living together to get to know each other. I agree but say that the two are still independent, do not limit the other and respect each other’s separate ways of life. Her job requires me to sometimes go on business trips to other cities, so do I. When I was away, I called and texted her to check on her, she didn’t do that, just bought gifts or specialties. Living together for two months, but we have never had any relationship other than eating together, she still doesn’t want to go to another level.

>> Me and my girlfriend live together without going over the limit

I asked her if the time together was suitable, she said it happened naturally just by feeling, but she couldn’t answer. It’s not that I don’t want to develop to another level yet, it’s that I don’t find it suitable. I expressed my intention to move into a serious relationship and get married if she wanted to, she said she hadn’t thought about it. She also asked if I feel insecure when her job takes up most of the time, how will I feel after I get married, because she will not give up her career.

She thinks I’m good, the most needed man for a woman that she’s ever known. She also said that I should keep my feelings at a normal level, don’t let my emotions affect me too much and can obscure other objective realities. I told her to keep working, I won’t stand in the way. She said she was afraid of hurting both of us when I changed. I loved her but I can’t tell her that I’m jealous for no reason at all.

>> I make sure not to go over the limit when I go to the hotel with you

I don’t know what advice I need, just confide my feelings. She is kind, caring, understands me very well but still doesn’t want to stick with me. No matter what kind of hurt you fear, it’s only because of love, why don’t you understand to reconcile?


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