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Loved each other for 8 years but didn’t get married and woke up

In life, there will be some people who love a lot and experience a lot to find a place to stay. But there are also many cases of just falling in love and marrying a single confidant. With this second case, a lot of girls long for that, because they like stability. Moreover, being faithful to only one person, devoted to him alone sounds so wonderful and meaningful. However, it is this very thought that sometimes pushes a few woman into a state of difficulty letting go. We are afraid, do not dare to face separation, and then waste many other opportunities. The story of D. below is one such example.

Loved each other for 8 years but did not get married and the end was enlightened for the woman

D. met her boyfriend in the 2nd year of university, she was immediately captivated by the scholar, good student and gentle. The two people at that time knew each other very naturally, without any arrangement. Emotions come slowly through outings. Her boyfriend is one year older than D. He is a senior in the upper class, so he supports her a lot in her studies. Both sides go up in many aspects such as study, career, and love.

Loving each other for 8 years but not getting married, the woman yelled at her boyfriend, but the unexpected ending made her come to her senses - Photo 1.


D. herself is an extremely loyal person, she determined that once she met someone, she would be one-on-one with that person. Even, D. thinks that, if you love someone, marry someone, you can devote all your energy to them, as well as give them your daughter’s “golden gift”. Therefore, during the 7 years of knowing each other, sometimes the two young people argued. D. both went into the water first, so as not to push. relationship to the brink of destruction.

However, in the 8th year of love, everything changed too quickly, making the woman gradually realize the hidden corners of the relationship. The man is now almost 30, but not once has he mentioned marriage. However, D. is anxious to return to the same house. Whenever she mentions this, her boyfriend dismisses it with an excuse “Slowly, it’s still early.”

The last drop of water was when D. discovered that her boyfriend was stealing stamps and sleeping with many other people during the process of getting to know her. Those are all cross relationships, according to the content of the message D. read, the reason is because he wants to “change the wind”. But D. keeps worrying, now that she leaves him, she can’t, because the past 8 years have been a long way. The woman shouted at the opponent: “My youth, can you pay it all for me?”

After that, the man who had been with D. for nearly ten years still did not cultivate, he decided to end the relationship, even moving to another city to work. From here, D. realized that he had lost all hope. But the very moment D. accepted to let go, she realized she was much more relaxed and relieved. She doesn’t have to force herself, patiently endures to protect the relationship. Not long after that, D. met another man and started a new love relationship.

Why sometimes letting go is the solution for women?

It is not easy to let go of a relationship that has been with us for many years. But remember, as long as you hold onto and agonize over your attachments, as long as you have to suffer. We live to seek and build happiness, let’s dedicate our efforts to those who deserve it, don’t miss out on opportunities ahead of you because of regretting your youth.

Loving each other for 8 years but not getting married, the woman yelled at her boyfriend, but the unexpected ending made her come to her senses - Photo 2.


With true love, it does not discriminate against age, even though you are no longer in the brilliant youth like before, true love will still come, if you are willing to open your heart. Letting go, you will realize that everything is so light, not even as sad as you imagined. Even if you cry, it’s only for a while, no one lives forever in a sadness, right? Prepare yourself with an optimistic and excited mind, then you will have the courage to accept the future full of opportunities ahead. co-tinh-go-20220417155018799.chn

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