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My wife regrets marrying me

I’ve only been married for nearly a year, but my husband and I often have conflicts, anything can be argued.

My wife and I are 32 years old, no children. We disagree constantly. For example, the direction of the kitchen, the direction of the altar of Mr. Tao, the structure of the house, I find the other direction appropriate, light and airy. And the wife listens to the feng shui master, so she likes to put the opposite direction. Set as the wife wants, the kitchen will face the direction of the bathroom wall, the altar is also attached to the wall of the bathroom. I was very upset, told my wife to change it a few times but it didn’t work, said that both of our jobs are going well, there is no problem. The socks I went home to hang on the arm of the chair, my wife put them on the ground for fear of germs, I like to leave them on to dry. In addition, we also disagree about eating because of different tastes.

>> My wife and I are so bored with each other that no one wants to leave

In a year of living together, his wife wanted to divorce three times. She said that she couldn’t get along with each other, she couldn’t concentrate on work and didn’t want to come home. His wife said she regrets getting married because it interferes so much with her peace and balance. I said that the matter was not to the point of divorce, but I saw that my wife began to want to let go of this marriage, did not want to talk or discuss, go early and stay late at night without saying anything to me, telling me to do whatever I want. I don’t know how to get along with my wife, how to change my mind so that I don’t get upset about this or that. Does such a husband and wife have problems?


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