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Online fortune-telling – a new form of business in Thailand

Sister Parnphiphat is choosing three cards and spreading them out in front of her client. Instead of meeting face-to-face, she sits in an eye-catchingly lit studio and talks to clients via a live stream. The pandemic makes life more difficult, many young people in Thailand feel at ease when their studies and jobs become precarious. “Since the pandemic, the number of career-related questions sent to me has increased by 90%, followed by love and relationships.”

Parnphiphat is one of a group of more than 7,000 people specializing in fortune telling via the Internet of a startup in Thailand, whose online fortune-telling application has half a million users. The startup manager said that since the outbreak of the disease, the field is growing strongly, possibly attracting up to 150 million USD a year.

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A representative of the Thai Psychological Association said that since the pandemic broke out, many people in this country have been in a constant state of stress, so they need someone to help relieve the pressure of life.

According to Ms. Jomkhwan Luenglue – Member of the Psychological Council of Thailand: “I think that online fortune-telling is just a short-term mental first aid. When you hear a fortune teller say: You will be fine, three months of life. your results will be better… people may believe and feel better, but it can make you subjective and detrimental to your decision-making ability in the long run.”

Scientists reject other forms of divination. However, according to a 2021 study by a university in Thailand, up to 78% of survey respondents in this country believe in supernatural phenomena. The growth on social media such as live streaming or mobile apps has made this activity even more accessible.

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