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Painters who don’t… hold a brush

Technology has crept into every corner of life. With art art also, now digital devices have brought many new tools for artists to create.

Painters who don't… hold a brush - Photo 1.

No need for a variety of brushes, no color mixing, no drawing paper – all with just one touch. Digital technology has created effective aids for art lovers to create.

Along with the advent of modern graphics software, there have been interesting combinations of traditional and digital technology. That’s the way of artist Nguyen Xuan Lam, who is passionate about redrawing paintings folklore paintings.

Painters who don't… hold a brush - Photo 2.
Painters who don't… hold a brush - Photo 3.

New supporting tools also help painting come earlier to young people. Community groups who draw a picture using technology devices more and more. Young people can find inspiration anywhere.

Technology has created a generation of artists who do not need to mix watercolors or hold brushes, but it is still important to think about images, colors, and messages through each painting. Those are also the core things to create success in this field of painting.

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