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Pregnant wife was called to give birth, Chau Kiet Luan gave her home 240 billion encouragements

During that time pregnant, a woman will experience a lot of fatigue both physically and mentally. Therefore, they really need a husband by their side to care, care and encourage. In this respect, the male singer Chau Kiet Luan must make the sisters wish because he loves his pregnant wife all the way.

Chau Kiet Luan and his wife Con Lang officially joined the same house in 2015 and had two children together, a boy and a girl. The happy family of Con Lang and Chau Kiet Luan has always received the admiration of the online community for the past 7 years.

Pregnant wife was called amp;#34;birth machine#34;, Chau Kiet Luan gave 240 billion encouragements at home - 1

Chau Kiet Luan and his wife and two children.

In January 2022, Chau Kiet Luan happily announced that his family was about to have a new member. The singer and his young wife will welcome their third child this summer. This information made the fans of the star couple extremely excited. However, there are also opinions to express regret to Con Lang when she accepted to sacrifice her career when she was less than 30 years old and was constantly pregnant and giving birth.

Last March, Chau Kiet Luan and his wife responded to malicious comments directed at their family. According to Ettoday, the male artist’s family has been constantly harassed and attacked by questions about his private life since Con Lang confirmed his third pregnancy.

Pregnant wife was called amp;#34;laying machine#34;, Chau Kiet Luan gave 240 billion encouragements at home - 3

Con Lang is pregnant with the third baby and is about to give birth.

Recently, the fact that Con Lang was pregnant with the third child and the baby’s sex was a curiosity to the media. Con Lang suffered a lot of scandals such as being called a “birth machine” for a rich family, turning himself into a birth tool despite his health. Female model suffers from polycystic ovary disease after giving birth to her first daughter.

According to Chau Kiet Luan, he and his wife wanted to keep Con Lang’s third pregnancy a secret until she gave birth as a surprise secret to fans, as well as avoid excessive attention from the media and public. However, because of the reluctant revelation from friends and family, they had to announce the good news soon.

Chau Kiet Luan and his wife kept silent about negative comments, but finally spoke up to protect the family and prevent false rumors. Sharing with the media, Chau Kiet Luan said that he is a young lover and wants to have a family with 5 children.

Pregnant wife was called amp;#34;laying machine#34;, Chau Kiet Luan gave 240 billion encouragements at home - 4

After announcing the good news, Chau Kiet Luan’s family received mixed reactions, including the idea that Con Lang was no different from a “birth machine”.

Along with the act of protecting his wife in front of the media, Chau Kiet Luan also spent 10.7 million USD (about 240 billion VND) to buy a luxury apartment in the expensive complex One Park Taipei, Taiwan for his wife. The ten million dollar apartment of the couple Chau Kiet Luan, designed by a famous British architect, is located in a 31- and 35-storey skyscraper in Taiwan. According to Hong Kong media, Jay Chou bought this apartment as a gift for his wife on the occasion of her wedding anniversary and to celebrate the birth of a third child.

During his wife’s pregnancy, Chau Kiet Luan also limited his work to spend more time with his family, taking care of his wife and children.

Pregnant wife was called amp; #34; birthing machine #34;, Chau Kiet Luan gave 240 billion encouragements at home - 5

The male singer paid attention and bought valuable gifts for his wife to encourage.

The secret to taking care of a pregnant wife

In fact, it’s not just giving gifts and valuables like Chau Kiet Luan to be a psychological husband and pamper his pregnant wife. When the wife is pregnant, the husband also needs to consult the ways to take care of his wife to help her go through the pregnancy in the most gentle and comfortable way. And here are the things husbands should do:

Read books to learn how to be an effective parent

When husbands are determined to read books on how to learn parenting, surely they are ready to help pregnant women stay calm and confident on the difficult road ahead. Although husbands themselves cannot “replace” their wives to give birth to a baby, being a solid spiritual support for pregnant women to feel secure during pregnancy is not too “difficult”. “.

Encourage your wife to do the things she enjoys

When an “angel” is born, life will surely be engulfed in busy “swirling” days. Make sure your wife will always be comfortable with the little things you do for her. Learn to spend more time caring about what she wants and what she needs. Signing up for a yoga class, “renovating” postpartum beauty or simply sitting and watching “note” the movie that she missed.

Don’t ever criticize her for showing off

Uncontrolled weight gain during pregnancy is something every pregnant woman has to face. However, this does not mean that she is really ready to accept this “full” reality. Therefore, husbands should never “love” their pregnant wife by names such as: “big baby” or “mammoth”.

Listen to the thoughts and worries of the pregnant wife

The fact that the mother’s body during pregnancy is forced to go through a series of “somewhat crazy” changes, starting from hormonal changes, weight gain “dizzy” to “can’t leave” the toilet. born more than 5 minutes. There are too many worries “circling” young mothers, so make sure that you yourself will be a husband who is both “good at housework” and “in charge of housework”, who is always ready for her. “send” thoughts and worries before the baby is born.

Remember to go to antenatal care with your wife

Taking the time to visit your wife first and foremost is to show her that you are with her, going with her through all levels of emotions, both happy and difficult, during pregnancy. pregnant.

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