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Private schools in Hanoi find it difficult to recruit teachers

Immediately after receiving the information that the Hanoi People’s Committee allowed preschool students to go back to school, Ms. Do Thi Hien, owner of the Blue Sky preschool class group, Hoang Mai district informed the former teachers to return to work. and at the same time announce the recruitment of teachers.

However, after nearly 1 week, only 4 teachers returned to work, the recruitment information also did not receive any feedback or contact. There are not enough teachers, so the group of children can only work in moderation with 2 classes for 5-year-old preschoolers, while classes from 2 to 4 years old cannot accept children.

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Many private preschools and independent children’s groups have yet to reopen, or operate in moderation because of a lack of teachers and teaching equipment.

“The last epidemic, the girls also had to ensure their lives, so they also looked for a new job. The job of this preschool industry for the first teachers is that the salary is not high, but the job is similar. 1 year ago, when they went to a new job, they found that there were many jobs that felt suitable, the salary was relatively stable, that’s why they did not return to the profession. The school faces many difficulties in recruiting teachers, although it has advertised all the time, it has not yet recruited enough staff. Do Thi Hien shared.

With the same situation of not being able to recruit teachers, Do Thi Kieu Anh, owner of Hoa Sen Kindergarten, Nam Tu Liem district had to manage every possible way to organize classes in accordance with the number of teachers available.

“We have 30 students. We split that number of students into 2 classes and 2 each. Actually, it’s enough if the class size is according to class, but to divide it according to the right age of preschool, There are not enough teachers. There is a shortage of teachers so these days I go directly to class with the teachers to take care of the children. We are actively recruiting more teachers to be able to meet the needs of students in the coming month when the need to go back to school is high”Ms. Do Thi Kieu Anh said.

Along with a shortage of teachers, many preschools in Hanoi are also facing difficulties due to insufficient funds to reopen teaching and learning activities for children. Nguyen Thi Hong Toan, investor of Happy House Kindergarten, Long Bien district, said that COVID-19 outbreaks occurred in a row, the school did not have enough funds to support teachers’ salaries, so teachers take leave in turn.

After that, the location of the school was canceled by the landlord, causing her to liquidate all furniture, equipment and teaching tools because she could not find a replacement location. The school is currently in a state of shutdown, it is unknown when it will be able to reopen to welcome students.

“Currently, it’s already difficult to re-hire staff. If we were to reset everything like opening a new school, it would be difficult and time consuming, so I don’t have any intentions. intend to do this time”Ms. Toan shared.

According to statistics from the Hanoi Department of Education and Training, the city currently has more than 525,000 preschool children, of which the number of children attending private institutions is more than 158,000. In the first days of school opening, only nearly 70% of preschool children went to school, so educational institutions could still meet them. However, this situation will be difficult if children go to school enough in the near future.

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