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Selling blood in America

Gabriella’s Vietnam restaurant opened by chef Thanh Nguyen in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (USA) is serving dishes made from blood.

The Billy Penn website recently quoted Ms. Thanh Nguyen as saying that blood is a key ingredient in some foods Vietnamese food. Blood appears in everyday dishes such as sausages, or those served on special occasions, such as blood pudding.

Noodles with shrimp paste and shrimp paste with blood sausage at Gabriella’s Vietnam

Gabriella’s Vietnam

Mrs. Thanh learned to cook from the adults in the family. As a child, she watched her grandfather cook blood dishes in Vietnam. Culinary style of northern Vietnam has been incorporated into the menu of Gabriella’s Viet Nam by Ms. Thanh. According to Ms. Thanh, all dishes at the restaurant are handmade, including blood sausage. “Making blood sausage is very laborious and has to be done step by step,” said Ms. Thanh.

This chef said it took her many years to master the recipe blood sausage, from where to take the pig’s blood, how to prevent the blood from clotting, to which part of the pig’s intestines to use. “The preparation of ingredients must be done in the right order and at the right time. With just one wrong step, the whole taste of the dish can be changed,” said Ms.

Currently, Gabriella’s Viet Nam serves blood sausages along with vermicelli with bean paste and shrimp paste. In addition, the restaurant also has Vietnamese dishes such as banh beo cup, banh xeo, chicken hot pot with leaves…

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