Something formidable appeared

The 155mm M777 is placed in a firing position near Mosul, Iraq in 2017

Russia publishes a video of the crew of the flagship Moscow

According to Tass news agency (Russia), the Russian Defense Ministry has released a video of the meeting of the Navy Commander with the crew of Moscow.

Citing a source from the Defense Ministry, the Russian news agency reported that the Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Navy, Admiral Nikolai Evmenov, met the crew of the guided-missile cruiser Moskva in Sevastopol.

Tass released a video from the Ministry of Defense on April 16, which shows the officers and crew of the warship that was reported to have sunk, standing in two rows.

Russia released a video of the crew of the flagship Moscow flagship. Video: Zvezda.

The number of sailors in the animation is unknown. The Russian military has not released information about casualties on the Moskva ship – the ship that sank in the Black Sea on April 14. It is not clear how many members of the ship survived.

Moscow is the flagship of Russia’s Black Sea fleet. Ukraine claimed it hit the cruiser with an anti-ship missile, while the Russian military only admitted the ship had sunk after a fire on board and exploded its ammunition depot.

Some countries have agreed to buy Russian gas in rubles

Russian Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak said on April 15: “We look forward to the decision (to switch to payment in rubles) of other importers,” Alexander Novak said in comments published in the magazine. within the ministry, he did not disclose the identities of customers who switched to paying in rubles.

  A hot package worth $800 million from the US arrived in Ukraine: A formidable thing appeared - Photo 2.

Russian Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak. Photo: Reuters

Last month, President Vladimir Putin said Russian gas buyers from “unfriendly” countries should pay in rubles, a move rejected by European Union authorities.

Mr. Putin then warned that he would cut off gas supplies to Europe if his request was not granted.

CNN: The US arms package for Ukraine has arrived

Shipments from the Biden administration’s latest security assistance package to Ukraine “have begun to arrive,” a White House official told CNN on April 16.

US President Joe Biden this week approved an $800 million package of security assistance, weapons and ammunition for Ukraine.

The US agreed to supply Kiev with heavy weapons for the first time In the wake of several Biden administration officials warning a few weeks ago of the huge risk of escalation of the conflict in Ukraine, includes 11 Mi-17 helicopters; 18 155 mm Howitzer cannons and 300 Switchblade drones.

This $800 million shipment brings the total amount of military assistance the US has provided to Ukraine to more than $3 billion.


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