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The case of the body under the shrimp square: The truth about the suspect’s wife’s death at the hospital

Regarding the case of the body under the shrimp square in Ca Mau, on April 16, Thanh Nien newspaper quoted information from the Ca Mau Provincial Police Investigation Agency confirming that the information “the suspect’s wife died at the hospital” was false. truth.

The case of the body under the shrimp square: The truth about the suspect's wife died at the hospital - 1

The scene of the incident – Photo: VOV

Accordingly, from April 15, on social networks, false information began to appear on the social network about the death of the suspect’s wife after learning that her husband was Mr. Pham Van Tron (67 years old, living in cluster 1, Ward Tan Tan Ward). Xuyen, Ca Mau City) was urgently arrested to investigate the act of murder.

“The information that Mr. Tron’s wife died at the hospital when or that her husband was arrested to investigate the murder is untrue. Only the mother of the suspect and the victim died,” Thanh Nien quoted a Cooperative leader as saying. Ca Mau Provincial Police Department said.

This leader also added that, on the afternoon of April 16, the investigator of the unit had just worked with Mr. Tron’s wife, and also denied the information that “the police detained Mr. Tron’s son and grandson”. Up to this point, the investigation agency has not proven that the case has an accomplice. The testimony of suspect Tron matches the crime scene.

Regarding the incident, Tuoi Tre cited initial investigation results showing that Mr. PVN (Mr Tron’s younger brother, 45 years old, living in Ho Thi Ky commune, Thoi Binh district) took care of his 90-year-old mother and injured sister. sick.

In the process of raising his elderly mother, there was a conflict between Mr. Tron and Mr. N. Therefore, Mr. Tron planned to kill his brother. Mr. Tron left the tree on the shore, near Mr. N.’s shrimp hut, waiting for the opportunity to take action.

On the morning of April 11, when he saw his younger brother going to keep the shrimp square, Mr. Tron suddenly hit Mr. N. with a tree, fell down on the shrimp square and continued to slash at the victim with a knife.

When determining that his brother was dead, the suspect dragged the victim’s body away from the scene a short distance and then used a tree and iron to sink the body into the shrimp square. At the same time, bring the weapon to hide and push the victim’s car into the river in front of the house.

Then, Mr. Tron went to Ca Mau City to raise his wife at the hospital to create an alibi until he was arrested by the police.

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