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The job of making a lot of money for ‘rice-powered cameras’

According to NBC New York, a law enacted in 2019 has helped the city collect $ 2.3 million just through fines for violating drivers. About $600,000 of that was paid to city citizens who reported violations, and $125,000 of that went to just one person, Donald Blair.

It is known that more than half of US states have enacted laws that prohibit trucks (many places even ban buses) from idling for a certain period of time. The aim is to reduce the average annual fuel consumption as well as reduce emissions to the environment.

In New York, in 2019, a new law enacted by Former Mayor Bill de Blasio makes it possible for residents to make money by reporting violations by truck and bus drivers. To receive the money, a citizen simply needs to record a video of a truck idling. If the car is parked in the area of ​​a school, the video needs to be recorded within 1 minute. And if not in a school zone, the video needs to be 3 minutes long.

The video then needs to be posted on the website of the city’s Department of Environmental Protection along with an affidavit and commitment. Violating vehicle owners can be fined with an average of 250 USD, while the person who reports is received 87.5 USD.

It turned out to be a pretty lucrative unofficial paycheck for New Yorkers like Donald Blair. He regularly monitored trucks and buses idling in the Brooklyn area and was paid $55,000, with about $70,000 more pending in his account. This amount makes him the highest earner among those who report driving violations.

“If you want to change someone’s habits, the best way is to hit them hard in the pocket,” Blair said.

In New York, there is a group of about 60 people known as the “unladen warriors”. All specialize in tracking, detecting and recording offending vehicles. Like George Packenham, a ‘spotter’ in the group, also earned $ 40,000. Therefore, this is even considered a hot and attractive market for many people.

About $8 million in fines has not yet been paid by the violator. In which, Amazon company was fined the most, 250,000 USD. UPS came in second with $70,000 and FedEx with $60,000. All three companies say they are working to pay the fines to New York City.

Accordingly, the city’s Environmental Protection Department is emphasizing the success of the law. Nearly 11,500 idling tickets were issued last year, more than double the 5,000 tickets in 2019 before the law took effect.

In Vietnam, people can provide video of violations to the traffic police to report violators.

In an online interview about the project of Law on Road Traffic Order and Safety held by VnExpress on the afternoon of April 6, when answering the question “Is the image from a dashcam of a vehicle used as a basis for fines for other violating vehicles and people with pictures, where should they send them to the police to fine them?”, Colonel Do Thanh Binh – Deputy Director of the Traffic Police Department – told the department. is proposing a mechanism to pay traffic violation video senders, and there will be a portal for receipt and verification.

In addition, Colonel Binh also said that this mechanism has existed in many developed countries such as the US and Korea, they have become a culture of recording and sending to the authorities. For example, if the violator can be fined, what percentage of the amount will be paid to the videographer. But the most important thing is to verify for the violator to admire his words.

This is interesting and remarkable information as those who are upset about traffic situations can send pictures or videos of the violation to the agency for processing and possibly even a small fee. if verified correctly.

More clear information on whether traffic police will be allowed to use information provided by people to penalize traffic violations can be found in Decree 135/2021/ND-CP, effective from January 1, 2020. 2022, regulations on the list, management and use of professional technical means and equipment and the process of collecting and processing data obtained from technical means and equipment provided by individuals and organizations to detect administrative violations, will be the legal basis for doing this.

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