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The person who turned the weight of 335 kg into a money machine

In the 19th century, Daniel Lambert always claimed he was not binge eating, but he weighed 335 kg in his 30s with a waist circumference of more than 2.75 m.

In 1806, curious information about Lambert appeared in the newspapers of London. An advertisement describes him as “the most curious person in the world” with a weight of more than 300 kg.

Lambert was known as “the fattest man in England” at the time. But instead of being dissatisfied with his fate, he turned his huge weight into a source of income. At first, people came because they wanted to see his physique with their own eyes, but then they were drawn in by his intelligence and conversational skills.

A comparison drawing between Daniel Lambert (left) and British politician Charles James Fox in 1806. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

A comparison drawing between Daniel Lambert (left) and politician Charles James Fox, former leader of the British House of Commons, in 1806. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

Born on March 13, 1770, Lambert is recorded in the book Two-headed boy and other miraculous medical phenomena is a healthy teenager who enjoys hunting, horse racing, fishing and raising dogs.

As a teenager, Lambert was watching a bear dance show when Lambert’s pet dog suddenly lunged at the bears. The beast got angry and attacked, Lambert fought it with a pole.

When Lambert’s father, a warden, retired in the early 1790s, Lambert took over from his father. During the time he was on guard in front of the cell, his weight began to increase rapidly.

In 1793, Lambert weighed about 203 kg but was still very healthy. According to the Scottish newspaper Nationalhe can lift wooden blocks weighing more than 250 kg and carry two people on his back while swimming.

By the early 1800s, Lambert’s weight had increased to more than 250 kg. At this point, he encountered a problem. The prison where he worked was closed. When his money was exhausted and job opportunities became less and less, Lambert decided to turn his oversized appearance into a fishing rod.

In the spring of 1806, Lambert arrived in London weighing nearly 320 kilograms, in a specially designed carriage to fit him.

Upon arrival, Lambert immediately began to plan. He posted an advertisement in the newspaper Times with the text: “Exhibition: Sir Daniel Lambert from Leicester, world’s most curious man, aged 36, weighs more than 300 kg. Sir Lambert will meet you at his home, 53, Piccadilly Road, for present at St. James’s Church, from 12pm to 5pm”.

Hundreds of people flocked to see him. Londoners were fascinated by Lambert, who insisted that he never drank and only ate modest amounts. They were impressed by his conversational skills, as Lambert was able to speak at length on topics such as dog breeds and hunting.

“The discerning visitors to Lambert’s home have been in great numbers over the past two days, looking for a man of unusual size, possessing an excellent amount of information, with the most welcoming and pleasant manners, and comfortable conversations, far beyond our expectations,” a reporter from the newspaper Times at that time wrote after coming to see him.

The reporter also noted that the female guests were much more numerous than the males, and they often praised Lambert’s “masculine looks and intelligence”.

Before long, Lambert was the talk of the city. Lambert even got an audience with King George III.

By the time Lambert returned to Leicester a few months later, he was already rich and hailed as a hero. Local newspapers repeatedly reported on him.

In late 1806, Lambert toured, attracting large audiences in both London and smaller towns and cities. Henry Wilson, the author of a book about special people in history, wrote that “thousands of people were in awe of his incredible physique”.

But Lambert’s time was running out.

He arrived at Stamford in June 1809 to tour, but this was Lambert’s last stop.

After checking in at the Waggon and Horses motel on June 20, 1809, Lambert went to bed as usual and woke up the next morning. But while shaving, he began to feel short of breath. And within minutes, Lambert died, aged 39.

Lambert weighed 335 kg at the time, making it very difficult for locals to get him out of the inn and buried. According to the city government, they had to break the window and part of the wall of the motel room and put him in a coffin the size of a car park. It took 20 men to get Lambert’s coffin to the cemetery.

After that, Lambert became a legend. The tavern is named after him. A giant wax figure created in his image. “Daniel Lambert” became a phrase used to describe great size.

Lambert is not the fattest man in the world because the holder of this title is Jon Brower Minnoch, from the US, with a weight of 635 kg. Even so, he left an impressive legacy.

On the tombstone, friends engraved the words describing him as a person “possessed with an intelligent mind and a gentle personality, and also a person of unmatched physique”.

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