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The secret lies in these super popular dresses!

Daby doll dress/ Oversized dress

Baby doll dresses, oversized skirts with cute looks are very popular with Vbiz beauties. Especially if you choose bright colors like blue, pastel pink, white… then you will double the hack, turn back the wheel of time to at least 5 years ago, not play! Not to mention, these skirts are extremely comfortable, and there’s also the bonus of hiding the shape.

Floral / polka dot / checkered skirt

The little flower, polka dot or checkered pattern not only gives you a “muse” look, but also has a significant age-hacking effect. Incorporating more chiffon fabric and details with off-shoulder or fluttering fluttering in the style of a lady cake, whenever you wear it, whether it’s white, yellow, blue or even more “dark” like black, grey.. . is still forgotten by time.


The bodycon dress models, which are famous for their ability to flatter and show off their effective “racing”, are now also used in the challenge of time with Vietnamese beauties. Moreover, our stars also favorably choose two-string details, back cut, chest cut-out… to increase sexiness. Without a closer look, no one would dare say that these beauties have almost reached the threshold of 40.

Shirt skirt

Whether it’s a shirt dress or just “impersonating” a shirt with a long row of buttons, it is still very convincing in the race to lower the age for Vietnamese beauties. If you get the bonus of elegant colors such as pastel blue, white, very peri periwinkle purple, then… hard time makes it difficult for these beauties. This style of dress also helps her to exude a liberal and fashionable look and hack a slimmer figure.

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