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The wild boar stole the laptop and ran like a fly, the naked man chased it and the end

Naked man catches wild boar stealing laptop (photo: Daily Mail)

The man, who did not want to be named, was sunbathing in the park Teufelssee, near Lake Berlin, when he suddenly discovered that his laptop bag had been stolen by a wild boar. This man then hurriedly chased after the “thief” without even getting dressed.

In Germany, several parks near lakes allow people to swim and sunbathe without wearing clothes – part of a body-free culture.

“Nature is countering. I showed him the photo and he burst out laughing, allowing me to make it public,” said Adele Landauer, who was at the scene, recounting the chase between the naked man and the wild boar.

The wild boars saw some people eating pizza and thought the man’s laptop bag was also full of food, so they decided to go on a “mission”, according to the Daily Mail.

“There was a laptop in his pocket, so he chased after him at full speed, even though he wasn’t wearing any clothes,” said Adele Landauer.

Dozens of people around were amazed and nervous watching the unique chase, before the man caught the pig and reclaimed the bag.

“When he came back with a yellow bag, we all applauded for that feat,” Landauer said.

There are about 150 million wild boars across Europe, 40% of which are found in Spain and Germany.

In January 2019, Denmark even erected a border wall to prevent German wild boar from entering.

Derek Ehlert – Berlin’s wildlife inspector – said that cases of people encountering wild boar are increasingly common.

“We urge people not to panic if they encounter wildlife. No one has been injured when encountering animals near Lake Berlin. The animals there are quite familiar with humans,” said Derek Ehlert.

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