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This vegetable is good for diabetics, helping to lower blood sugar quickly

Diabetes This is a chronic metabolic disorder in which the body does not produce insulin on its own or does not produce enough insulin to absorb glucose in the blood, leading to higher than normal blood sugar levels. The disease is common in people over 40 years of age, overweight, obesity, inactivity, overeating and sometimes genetics.

General practitioner Bui Dac Sang (Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology, Hanoi Oriental Medicine Association) said: Oriental medicine was interested in this disease from a very early age. Usually based on the cause of the disease and different clinical manifestations, they are named differently such as thirst, digestion, waste …


If diabetes is not treated early, it can cause many unpleasant complications for the body such as itching, pimples, sores all over the body. More dangerous will cause dysfunction of the heart, lungs, kidneys, nerves, poor resistance …

People with diabetes need to follow their doctor’s instructions on controlling weight, increasing exercise, and choosing foods that are right for their body. General practitioner Bui Dac Sang said that green vegetables and fruits are very important foods in the menu of diabetics. Here are some effective remedies/foods Hypoglycemia introduced by general practitioner Bui Dac Sang.

These vegetables and fruits are very good for diabetics, and also help lower blood sugar quickly

1. Pear

Usage: Fresh pear, optional. Eating regularly has the effect of cooling blood, lowering sugar.


2. Squash

How to use: Take 100g of green beans and 200g of squash, clean it and bring it to cook soup. Eat hot once/day. Eat continuously for 3 days.

3. Fresh banana tubers of your choice

Usage: Squeeze out the water, drink 1-2 cups, once every hour. The effect of clearing heat, only thirst.

4. Pineapple

Method: Peel, core, add pork spleen, cook in water bath, puree and eat.

Or: 1 nearly ripe pineapple 500g, 10g alum. Cut out the pineapple knob, remove the core, add alum, close the lid, pin it with a toothpick, and bake it on charcoal until the skin is completely burned. Drain the intestines for the patient to eat once a day. 3 consecutive days.

5. Cowpeas

How to make: Boil eating


6. Chrysanthemums

Method: Prepare 60g of chrysanthemum, 1 set of pork spleen, 3 chicken eggs. Pork spleen is washed, sliced, cooked (without salt), broken in 03 chicken eggs, then added chrysanthemum. Cook, eat and drink whole water.

7. Celery

Method: Vegetables need 500g. Wash, grind, filter to get water, boil and drink

8. Radish

Method: Fresh radish (peeled) 250g; Dried salted fish 25g. Cook and eat once a day. Used once a day.

9. Water spinach

Method: Prepare enough water spinach stalks and corn silk to use. Wash, cook and drink.


10. Red Apple

Method: Prepare 7 red apples; 7 nests of silkworm cocoons. Ning, take water to drink. 2 days in a row.

11. Vegetables

– 1 handful of watercress; Perilla 1 handful

– 1 turnip radish; 1 carrot

– Celery 1 handful; Cabbage 1 handful

– 1 handful parsley

* Wash, grind to get drinking water.

12. Starfruit

Method: Thinly slice, dry, use a handful of decoction with 1/2 liter of water, divide and drink during the day.


Important principles to prevent diabetes

– Weight control: If you are weighing 90kg, your weight loss goal is between 5-10kg. And once you have lost weight, you need to actively maintain the lost weight.

The daily diet should contain less fat and sugar. Besides, you should also eat a variety of foods such as whole grains, vegetables, limit red meat and avoid processed meat.

Exercise has many health benefits, which can help with weight loss and lower blood sugar. This will limit the risk of type 2 diabetes. Every day you should try to exercise at least 30 minutes and move 5 times a week.

– No smoking.

Regular check-ups: The older you get, the more you need to go to the hospital to have your blood sugar checked to prevent type 2 diabetes. you are very welcome-20220416221531372.chn

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