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What do foreign media say about VinFast electric cars?

Sunday, April 17, 2022 19:00 PM (GMT+7)

A series of journalists from other countries have just experienced the VinFast VF8 model at the factory and have made any comments?

After a series of events inviting customers and international journalists to visit the factory in Hai Phong and test drive the VinFast VF8 electric car, a surprise for Vinfast about the seriousness of the issue of electric vehicle production. The permission to film and take photos at many stages of vehicle production such as stamping, fully automatic welding with robots to battery factory… is a special feature of Vinfast for international guests.

Normally, car manufacturers rarely allow too much filming and photography in factories and limited in some areas, but Vinfast seems to want to affirm its seriousness when “showing” the whole thing to everyone. know.

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At the New York International Auto Show, Emmanuel Bret – VinFast’s Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing stated that, “Vinfast has no secrets and it’s a commitment to change the world.” . Vinfast said that the first shipment to the US will arrive at the end of this year with two mid-sized and large electric models, VF8 and VF9, with the market focus on California and aiming to open 30 showrooms. and direct product supply.

Along with that, Vinfast signed an agreement with Electrify America – a company that has thousands of charging stations to prepare the final steps for the electric vehicle to be operated in the US. Even Emmanuel Bret was surprised at Vinfast’s speed when he said to himself, “I asked a somewhat confusing question to myself when the hell did VinFast operate so quickly and so well.” .

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Comparison with other start-up electric car companies shows that Vinfast’s plan implementation speed is “dizzy”. The Lucid brand, for example, was founded in 2007 but has only recently begun mass production of EVs; The automaker with the largest market share is Tesla, which took nearly a decade to create the Model S.

While many other brands only introduce models but have not yet launched actual products such as Byton, Faraday Future, Lordstown Motors… VF8 and VF9 will initially be imported to the US from Vietnam before the factory is located in the US. America goes into action. The VF9 will have a range of up to 369 miles (nearly 600km), while the VF8 will reach 292 miles (470km), both of which are rated to WLPT standards.

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The VF9 will start at $55,000 more than VND1.2 billion, while the VF8 will start at $40,700 or more than VND930 million, two cars that could qualify for the federal tax credit. In addition, Vinfast will also launch two smaller models, VF6 and VF7 next year, and the price will certainly be “softer”.

“With all the actual witnessing inside the factory in Hai Phong, test driving the actual car, the agreement to build a factory in the US, opening a representative office and a contract with a supplier of charging stations shows that Vinfast is completely serious about its plan,” commented one journalist.

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