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What does Truong Luong The Vinh say?

Many parents in Hanoi reflected that, even though they received the notification that their child had been accepted into grade 6 at Luong The Vinh Secondary School (base 1 Yen Xa, Tan Trieu, Thanh Tri, Hanoi), they were not given a ticket when they came to school. do admission procedures for your child.

Noon April 17, reply VTC NewsMs. Van Lien Na, Vice Principal of Luong The Vinh Middle and High School, in charge of the 1 Yen Xa facility, Tan Trieu, said that in the announcement of admission to grade 6 sent to parents, the school noted very clearly. information “only receive admission applications on April 16”.

Specifically, according to the plan, the school started admission procedures for students in the morning from 8:30 am to 11:30 am, and in the afternoon from 13:30 to 17 pm. However, many parents still arrive late or do not have complete documents according to the school’s specific instructions for admission. This leads to the situation that many people are unable to complete the enrollment procedures for their children.

Announcement of admission but not admission: What does Luong The Vinh School say?  - first

Parents sit and wait for admission procedures for their children to enter grade 6 at Luong The Vinh Secondary School (Hanoi) on April 16. (Photo: VOV)

“Previously, the school also announced the enrollment principle, the student who has enough points to pass the admission first, confirm the admission first until the quota is met, will stop, late will lose the place. Because parents do not find thoroughly understand the information”, Ms. Na emphasized.

This year, campus 1 of the school recruited 360 students to enter grade 6, the entrance score was 480 points (3 subjects of Literature, Mathematics, English and considered academic performance from grades 1 to 5). The school sent text messages to inform more than 400 students who had enough scores to pass the exam. Thus, about 40 students will not be able to attend school if they are late.

Sharing more about the reason why the enrollment quota is 360, but the school considers 400 students to be admitted, Ms. Van Lien Na said that the school has a surplus of students compared to the target because like previous years, the time the school implemented Admissions grade 6 earlier than other secondary schools in Hanoi city. Therefore, the school must consider the plan to consider the balance of successful candidates, in case many parents have already confirmed their admission to the school but then withdraw their children’s records to other schools such as Hanoi. – Amsterdam, Hanoi Star… This fact happened in previous years, causing the school to lack students.

After statistics, Vice Principal of Middle School – High School Luong The Vinh said that the number of parents who could not enroll their children yesterday was not much. On the other hand, the school also cannot open more classes for the aforementioned excess students. Therefore, the school agrees with these parents to make a tentative list, if any students withdraw their application to transfer to other schools, Luong The Vinh School will continue to call the children on the above list to enter. learn.

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