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What is the effect of the tiny black dotted strip on the car?

Black dots on car windshield are also known as “frit strip”. This is ceramic glaze that is fired into the edges of the windshield during vehicle manufacturing.

Perhaps any of us have been in a car, if we pay attention, we will see on the windshield of each car there are small consecutive dots on the edge of the glass. And surely, some people will think that they are born with the effect of shading or blocking the sun and others… don’t even care.

However, the black dots that gradually interfere between the two edges and the center of the glass play an important role. Find out with us!

You may not know: What is the effect of the tiny black dotted strip on the car?  - Photo 1.

These are ceramic-based paint components that are melted, fused and pressed into the glass’s vitreous layer, which cannot be peeled off.

So what are these little dots really and why do they appear on the glass of every car?

In essence, these are paint components derived from ceramic that are melted, blended and pressed tightly together with the glass layer of the glass, which cannot be peeled off. It is also the hidden element, which helps these small dots do their job.

Accordingly, the small black dots on this car window have the following roles:

– The first, “frit strip” works to prevent the sun’s ultraviolet rays from affecting the glass glue attached to the chassis rim. They not only do the job of dustproof and waterproof like on smartphones, but also keep the protective glass in place.

– Second, they contribute to creating a rougher surface to increase the adhesion area of ​​the glue, further ensuring the stability of the chassis and auto glass components.

– Tuesday, bring an aesthetic element to the car because it cleverly hides the glue that attaches the windshield and the car’s frame, because those black dots help to partially hide the glue close to the margins, not looking messy if any manual mistake was caused.

In addition, the “frit strip” also has the function of tricking the eye. The “frit” dots get smaller and farther apart the further away they are from the windshield edge, making it difficult for the driver to notice the transition between the black color of the frit strip and the glass, avoiding distractions when driving.

At the same time, the “frit dots” are also capable of reducing glare from sunlight. Therefore, many car manufacturers also arrange a “frit” dot matrix behind the rearview mirror to increase sunshade for the front seats.

Why the “dot” pattern?

You may not know: What is the effect of the tiny black dotted strip on the car?  - Photo 2.

The black dot patterns are designed quite smoothly, creating a more pleasant and beautiful feeling.

The black dot patterns are designed quite smoothly with the size gradually decreasing inward, creating a pleasant, comfortable feeling and increasing the aesthetics of your car.

Not only that, the car glass is often bent at a certain angle when it’s hot, because the glue and rim glass in contact with the chassis will heat faster than the glass in the middle, creating a temperature difference that causes the glass to expand. difference in 2 separate regions – and this would be difficult for the naked eye to detect. Therefore, the driver may be affected because the visual effect seen through the glass is “distorted”, causing distortions in perception and distance estimation when participating in traffic.

That’s it, on average it takes about 30,000 parts to make up a car and even tiny dots like this have its own effect. Cars really have too many things for us to explore, right? Don’t ignore details like these so you can use your car properly and safely! 2022041209222748.chn

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