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When my mother asked, I was startled and embarrassed because of the reason

Li Li, 43 years old, currently lives in Xijiang province, China. Despite her age, she looks very young because she knows how to take care of herself. Many people guess that Li Li is only 30 years old, which makes her extremely happy. Despite having gone through two births, Li Li still maintains a slim figure. She usually dresses well and puts on outstanding makeup when going out.

Li Li is quite “open” in the way she dresses. She likes to wear bold clothes to show off her body curves. She used to wear a pair of shorts and a slim two-piece shirt to the mall. Another time wearing a strapless bra and having coffee with friends. She was used to the glamorous style, so she found it normal.

Picking me up after school, but I lowered my face and didn't look, and pretended not to know: When my mother asked me, I was startled and embarrassed for the reason - Photo 1.

Li Li wears off-the-shoulder tops to pick up her children from school. (Illustrated image)

Once, Li Li wore a sexy dress, showing off her shoulders to pick up her 7-year-old daughter from school. She waited at the school gate and received countless eyes from everyone around. They were constantly glancing, pointing, and commenting. But Li Li was already used to this, she ignored the gossip and continued to happily wait for her daughter.

When the school gate opened, students rushed out with their parents. Li Li saw her daughter from afar, but she pretended not to see her mother, still standing in a corner waiting. Seeing that, Li Li approached her, waving her hands frantically to call her son. At this time, Li Li’s daughter expressed her grief, bowed her head and walked away without saying anything.

Li Li was worried that something was wrong with her child, and she kept asking until she said that she was embarrassed by the clothes her mother was wearing. Her classmates laughed at her. Hearing her say that, Li Li was shocked and asked her to tell her everything. As it turned out, her classmate criticized her for wearing less cloth, unlike other parents.

At this point, Li Li realized that her dress was causing trouble for her daughter. She never thought of this case. She always thinks that she can wear whatever she likes. Li Li did not know how to comfort and encourage her child. She can only promise that next time she will not wear such clothes to pick up her children again.

Picking me up after school but I lowered my face and didn't look, and pretended not to know: When my mother asked me, I was startled and embarrassed for the reason - Photo 2.

When coming to the school environment, parents need to pay attention to choosing appropriate clothes. (Illustrated image)

In fact, although there is no clear dress code for parents when going to school to pick up their children. But parents should consider the specific situation to dress appropriately. This is very important work. So how will parents wearing inappropriate clothes affect their children?

– Not conducive to the formation of correct concepts of the child: In the parent-child relationship, children will be influenced by many parents. If parents are people who focus on personal image and care about wearing clothes, children will tend to imitate. However, children are still young and the main task is learning. If children spend a lot of time polishing their appearance, it will affect their learning. At the same time, children also misunderstand beauty, blindly pursue expensive clothes, accessories, and luxury goods, and form frivolous interests.

Effects on children’s health: Young children, not yet aware of what they say, they can say whatever they want. When they see your parents dressed differently than everyone else around, they will laugh. If the incident happens many times, it will hurt your child’s self-esteem, even cause conflicts with classmates. Some other children may fall into low self-esteem and depression because of being ridiculed by friends. This is detrimental to your child’s mental health.

Dressing up is a parental freedom. But for the sake of the child, it is best for parents to choose the right clothes.

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