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Why not auction?

A man in Nghe An bought a KIA Sonet car for 700 million, luckily picked up the 5th Quarter Board of Supervisors 99999 and sold it for 1.6 billion VND.

Public opinion these days is buzzing with the news that Mr. Tran Huu Tuyen, residing in Anh Son district, Nghe An province bought a KIA Sonet car for 700 million VND, when he registered to pick up the number plate 37A-999.99.

When he got home, Mr. Tuyen sold a car with VIP number plate: 999.99 for 1.6 billion VND to a man in Hanoi. Thanks to the lucky draw of a beautiful number plate, Tuyen pocketed nearly 1 billion VND.

According to the Eastern concept, the number 9 has a very beautiful meaning, because in Chinese, the pronunciation of the number 9 coincides with the syllable of the word “nine” in eternity. The five-quarter sea 999.99 carries many meanings of longevity, luck, happiness, peace and convenience.

This is not the first time that a lucky car owner has picked up a beautiful number plate and sold a profit of hundreds to billions of dong to car players.

700 million car, loading the Supervisory Board in the fifth quarter, 99999, selling 1.6 billion: Why not auction?  - first

The KIA Sonet with BKS: 37A-999.99 was sold by Mr. Tuyen to a man in Hanoi for 1.6 billion VND.

From the fact that Tuyen and many others bought cars, luckily picked up a beautiful BOS and sold them for billions of profit, many people and legal experts raised their opinions: Why does the State not organize an auction of number plates? cars, motorbikes to increase revenue for the budget?

The messenger had a discussion with Master – Lawyer Chu Thi Ut Quynh (Hanoi) about the law on this issue.

According to Lawyer Quynh, at present, auction activities are regulated by the 2016 Property Auction Law. According to article 4 of this law, the object of auction is property, if it is not property, it does not belong. auctioned, is not governed by this law.

Pursuant to Article 105 of the 2015 Civil Code stipulating on property: “Property is objects, money, valuable papers and property rights. Property includes real estate and real estate. Real estate and movables can be existing assets and future assets.”

As such, a license plate can only be legally auctioned when it is property. However, Clause 22, Article 8, the Road Traffic Law 2008 stipulates: “It is strictly forbidden to illegally manufacture, use or buy and sell license plates of motor vehicles and special-use motorcycles”.

Accordingly, vehicle owners are not allowed to sell license plates of their vehicles. If the purchase and sale of license plates has been banned, the license plates have no value and are not property.

In addition, the Road Traffic Law and its sub-law documents such as Circular No. 15/2014/TT-BCA, Circular 54/2015/TT-BCA, Circular 64/2017/TT-BCA of the Ministry of Public Security Regarding vehicle registration, license plates also stipulate very specifically on the order of issuance, withdrawal and registration of motor vehicle license plates. According to the above regulations, the license plate is required to be attached to the vehicle, if the vehicle is transferred, the license plate will also follow the vehicle.

700 million car, loading the Supervisory Board in the fifth quarter, 99999, selling 1.6 billion: Why not auction?  - 3

Master – Lawyer Chu Thi Ut Quynh.

Thus, the current law only considers license plates as an effective tool for the State to manage for motor vehicles. License plates are not considered property of vehicle owners to carry out civil buying and selling transactions. Buying and selling license plates is illegal. Because license plates are not considered property, the act of auctioning license plates is not in accordance with the law.

In case, an individual wants to own the license plate of another vehicle owner, that individual must buy back the whole vehicle and then carry out the procedures for registration of title transfer in accordance with the law. separate license plate price of that vehicle.

However, seeing that people’s demand to buy license plates through auctions is increasing, many projects on permitting license plate auctions have been developed and considered by competent authorities to increase revenue. for the budget.

Believing that in the near future, when the regulations on license plates are adjusted in the direction of license plates in general (not just beautiful license plates) are assets; together with specific, detailed and reasonable regulations on the order and procedures for buying, selling and auctioning license plates, people will be able to auction license plates easily and conveniently while still ensuring their rights, own legitimate interests when participating in the auction of this type of property.

According to Pham Xuan Chinh (Reporter)

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