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Will be strong with weak contractors to slow down the North – South highway

The transportation has offered many solutions, one of which is to quickly replace weak contractors.

Leaders of the Ministry of Transport said that, at the request of the Prime Minister, in 2022, the Ministry of Transport must complete 361 km of highways of 4 component projects. North – South Expressway including: Mai Son – National Highway 45, Cam Lo – La Son, Vinh Hao – Phan Thiet, Phan Thiet – Dau Giay.

Currently, 2 projects are meeting progress, including: Section Mai Son – National Highway 45 with a length of 63.37 km with the realized output reaching 57.5% of the contract value, meeting the required schedule; The Cam Lo – La Son section is 98.3 km long, expected to be completed on September 30, currently reaching about 81.8% of the contract value, basically meeting the plan.

The remaining 2 projects, Vinh Hao – Phan Thiet and Phan Thiet – Dau Giay, are still behind schedule because some contractors cannot meet the financial capacity and experience in construction organization.

Specifically, according to a report of the Ministry of Transport, the North-South expressway, section Vinh Hao – Phan Thiet, 100.8 km long, started in September 2020, and is scheduled to be completed in December 2022. However, the project is about 13% behind the contract value (about 2 months behind) compared to the plan. This is the project with the most worrying progress of the projects to be completed in 2022.

The cause of the delay is said to be due to objective reasons such as the impact of COVID-19, the weather, etc., especially the scarcity of backfill materials for a long time. However, the weakness in capacity and professionalism of both the representative of the investor and the majority of construction contractors in

Will be strong with weak contractors to slow down the North - South highway - Photo 1.

Will be strong with weak contractors to slow down the North – South expressway. Illustration.

The Vinh Hao – Phan Thiet expressway project at this time is the main cause and biggest worry of the Ministry of Transport. In Notice No. 117/TB-BGTVT dated March 30, 2022 at the meeting to review the implementation progress of Vinh Hao – Phan Thiet Expressway Project, Deputy Minister of Transport Nguyen Ngoc Dong gave the following recommendations: harsh assessment of Project Management Board 7 – the representative of the investor and the contractors.

That is: “Project Management Board 7 and construction units have not seriously implemented it, leading to a prolonged delay in progress and the risk of getting slower and slower, without positive changes. The contractor has not focused highly on organization and operation, resource mobilization, implementation on the construction site, has not developed specific plans and solutions to accelerate progress to compensate for the delayed progress and risk not completing the project on schedule”.

In order to keep up with the schedule, the Ministry of Transport has directed the contractor to commit to completing the project according to the timelines: By April 15, the construction output of the project must reach 34.5% (2,094 billion VND). VND) and by June 30 must reach 50.8% (VND 3,081 billion).

Although the reporter’s note these days on the construction site, the contractors at this project have made positive changes, organized overtime, and construction crews, but on April 15, the output only reached 32.9. % of the contract, about 97 billion VND behind (equivalent to 8 construction days) compared to the latest committed schedule.

Faced with that situation, in March and April 2022, Project Management Board 7 cut 16.5km of 3 contractors and 7 weak construction teams. At the same time, it is required to continue to monitor and urge the implementation of contractors, ensuring that by April 30, the project must achieve a construction output of 36% of the contract value and by June 30. must achieve the construction output of 50.8% of the contract value.

“If the contractors meet the above milestones and the People’s Committee of Binh Thuan province removes the difficulties in the source of embankment materials completely in April 2022 (currently 0.9 million m3 of embankment material has not yet been completed). license for exploitation and 1.34 million m3 of backfill materials have been licensed but have not been exploited yet), the project will be completed on schedule, “said the report of the Ministry of Transport.

However, a leader of the Ministry of Transport, when talking about this project, admitted that the remaining volume and output is very large (about more than 67%), the actual construction time is only about 5 years. – 6 months (except for the period of influence of rainy weather in Binh Thuan), so without drastic solutions, Vinh Hao – Phan Thiet Expressway Project could hardly be completed on December 30, 2022 as required. request of the Prime Minister.

The 99 km long Phan Thiet – Dau Giay section project must also be completed by December 2022. Realized output reached 38.5% of the contract value, the project is currently about 1.4% behind the contract value compared to the plan.

According to a report of the Ministry of Transport, the main reason for the delay was due to a lack of funding for some contractors, not timely mobilizing enough equipment to open more construction sites, and the influence of unseasonal rains in the beginning of the month. April 2022.

Leaders of Thang Long Project Management Board have asked the contractor who has committed to organize the compensatory construction of the planned output right this April and complete the work in 2022 with new planned milestones. If by April 30, construction output has not been improved, the Thang Long Project Management Board said it will report to the Ministry of Transport to cut and transfer the volume in charge of these contractors.

Leaders of the Ministry of Transport said that at present, contractors are making efforts to mobilize additional equipment and actively implement construction. With the current progress, the project will be completed on schedule.

In addition to the two projects mentioned above, leaders of the Ministry of Transport said that in order to ensure the general progress of the entire expressway, the Ministry of Transport resolutely dealt with violating contractors such as warnings and reminders; cutting, mass transfer. For contractors who commit serious violations and are unable to complete the contract on time, they will consider terminating the contract and ban bidding for 3-5 years for projects managed by the Ministry of Transport.

Currently, a number of contractors have received points for not meeting the set schedule. For example, for the North – South expressway component project of the Cam Lo – La Son section, the Ho Chi Minh Road Project Management Board said it had sent a written reminder to the subcontractors, Company 388 and Tan Thanh Company, requested the main contractors, Hoa Hiep Company, 122 Vinh Thinh Company, to increase construction when the subcontractor did not meet the schedule.

Some contractors are also included in the warning such as: 319 Corporation and subcontractor Hoang Nguyen, Nhac Son Company, Ha An Company, Thanh Phat Company, Cienco5 and subcontractor Dai Hiep Company, Company 471 and subcontractor Bao Son Company.

In particular, the Ho Chi Minh Road Project Management Board also transferred the volume of 560m of Hoang Nguyen Co., Ltd. and the bridgehead of Vinh Khai Co., Ltd. in the XL3 package at Cam Lo – La Son project to the joint stock company. Building services and trade section 68.

In addition to resolutely handling weak contractors, leaders of the Ministry of Transport said that they have implemented synchronously many groups of solutions to ensure that component projects of the North – South Expressway stick to the proposed plan. such as: The Minister assigned the Deputy Ministers to be in charge of regularly inspecting the site, urging the project management boards, consultants, contractors to speed up the construction progress, requesting control units. strictly quality, and at the same time work with localities to solve problems about site clearance, source of materials…

The Ministry’s leadership team organizes a weekly meeting to review the progress, severely criticize and review the responsibilities of the heads of the project management boards whose projects are behind schedule; In case there is no change in the project, the new project will not be assigned and the head will be replaced.

In addition, the Ministry of Transport also requested the project management boards to strengthen capable and experienced staff who are regularly present at the scene to direct, operate, and immediately solve problems, such as: design consultancy, supervision consultant to promptly handle arising technical problems; speed up the acceptance and payment to solve financial difficulties for contractors; closely coordinate with the locality to solve problems regarding site clearance and source of materials.

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