Youthful beauty of 4 golden actors in Vietnamese movies

They are all real actors, artists like Thanh Quy, Minh Hoa, Thu Que, Thu Ha are also impressed by their brilliant beauty at a young age.

Meritorious Artists and People’s Artists are always a guarantee for the quality of their roles on the screen. Because to achieve this title, they have had to work hard throughout their career, constantly dedicate and perfect their acting ability, thereby being recognized through their lifetime works.

Besides acting, the beauty of these artists in their spare time is also what impresses the audience and makes them laugh forever.

Meritorious Artist Thanh Quy

The brilliant youth of 4 'golden actors' in the Vietnamese film industry-1

In Love the Sunny Day, the role of Meritorious Artist Thanh Quy’s Mrs. Nga is a diligent mother carrying vermicelli noodles to raise her 3 daughters to become human beings. The image of the character is associated with sloppy, minimalist costumes, so many viewers do not know that in her youth she was a very sharp and personal beauty.

The female artist, born in 1958, has a huge film fortune, from movies to TV series. And no matter what role he plays, Meritorious Artist Thanh Quy still captivates the audience with his confused eyes, full lips and charming smile. At the present time, the audience often uses two kind words to describe her appearance.

People’s Artist Minh Hoa

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People’s Artist Minh Hoa is a proud beauty.

Contrary to the diligence of Meritorious Artist Thanh Quy, in Dear Sunny Day, People’s Artist Minh Hoa plays the powerful Mrs. Kim Nhung, bringing a sense of nobility and luxury. In real life, People’s Artist Minh Hoa is a beautiful person who prefers discreet, elegant and younger-than-age outfits.

In his youth, People’s Artist Minh Hoa had a very proud and charming beauty from his eyes to his smile. She often plays characters with high education, high social status like Tran Le Xuan in Mr. Advisortalented female doctor Khanh in Wind Through the Light and Dark,…

People’s Artist Thu Ha

The brilliant youth of 4
The “calendar photo queen” was once Thu Ha.

People’s Artist Thu Ha In her youth, she deserved to be a great beauty of Vietnamese showbiz. She has a tall face, beautiful eyes and a charming smile with crooked teeth. At that time, she stood in the ranks of “calendar photo queens” along with Diem Huong, Diem My and Viet Trinh.

At the age of 53, People’s Artist Thu Ha still retains the same charm as when she was young, even more salty. She likes elegant fashion sense, showing off her plump and toned body.

People’s Artist Thu Que

The brilliant youth of 4
Thu Que’s young days were beautiful, simple and gentle.

If it comes to the image of a gentle and meek Ha Thanh girl, People’s Artist Thu Que is a woman actor meet the criteria. In her youth, her beauty used to make many viewers flutter, whether it was the role of a simple country girl or wearing a dignified military uniform.

Currently, the beauty of People’s Artist Thu Que is not too different from the spring time. She maintains her ageless appearance by working out hard, taking care of her skin and wearing youthful, liberal and attractive outfits.

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