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2 main reasons why Android users turn to iFan-Hi-tech Fashion

Monday, April 18, 2022 13:30 PM (GMT+7)

Apple’s latest iPhone Pro models are compelling enough to entice any Android user.

Now, Apple is using all kinds of ways to attract Android users to join its ecosystem. And the first step is to get them to switch to iPhone. With the iPhone 13″ The new premium Pro, “Apple House” has successfully made its product one of the best investments for its customers.

2 main reasons why Android users turn to iFan - 1

Galaxy S22 and iPhone 13.

Here are the 2 biggest reasons why many people switch from Android to iPhone and never come back.

1. iOS offers a smoother experience than Android

For technology experts, having the opportunity to evaluate Android and Apple products, such as the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra and iPad Air 5 or the new 14-inch MacBook Pro, the experience comparison will be realistic and objective. much more.

2 main reasons why Android users switch to iFan - 3

iPhone 13 Pro Max.

In fact, Android devices have a rather confusing interface. For example, Android phones and tablets get locked or randomly reboot from time to time. Apps can also become unresponsive and sometimes ask to uninstall and reinstall them. Windows users also face similar problems on PC. Android glitches seem completely normal. The operating system in general is a bit messy.

On the other hand, users will not face these problems on Apple devices. Whether the first-generation iPod touch or the 2019 iPad 7, after many years, both deliver smooth and seamless experiences.

In retrospect, the iPad 7 outperformed the Galaxy Tab A.

2. iPhone Experience

Getting used to iOS 15.4 is not difficult. In fact, it’s a natural transition since iOS users are already familiar with the basic functions of the operating system. In addition to downloading and signing in to all the apps already on your old Android phone, it won’t take long for users to use iPhone 13 Pro. Then there are new features that will enhance the iPhone experience.

2 main reasons why Android users turn to iFan - 4

iPhone 13 Pro.

Easy FaceID face scanning is the dominant feature of the iPhone 13 Pro. Instead of manually entering a password to unlock the phone or log into apps, users can simply look at their phones. FaceID still works at night when the lights are off, when wearing a mask, and even when the user is tilted.

Plus, MagSafe can magnetically lock onto the back of your iPhone 13 Pro. Best of all, users do not have to remove the protective cover for MagSafe to work.

There are only 2 small downsides on the iPhone: the apps aren’t listed in the same alphabetical order as they are on Android; Moving apps across the phone screen is a bit cumbersome.

Customization on Android not helpful?

One of the main reasons people prefer Android over Apple is customizability. While Apple keeps its ecosystem pretty tight, Android allows for a deeper level of customization.

However, many users do not like to manually install programs that are not on the Google Play Store or dig into the operating system and tweak things. Therefore, the fact that Apple’s operating system is limited is not too big of a problem.

2 main reasons why Android users switch to iFan - 5

iPhone 13.

The most basic thing when users use their new phone is to install all necessary Google apps, such as Google, Chrome, Drive, Maps, Photos, etc. iPhone users can completely remove Safari, Apple News and built-in calendars from the home screen and replace them with equivalent Google apps.

All of the above keeps iPhone owners from going back to using Android phones. In contrast, for Android fans, the iPhone Pro 13 is boring – without the S Pen or Dex mode of the Galaxy S22 Ultra and without the object removal feature – Magic Eraser like the Pixel 6 Pro. After all, every choice depends on each person’s own feelings.

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