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5 ways to reduce hair breakage, loss, and oil of Japanese women-Beauty

Monday, April 18, 2022 13:00 PM (GMT+7)

To make the roof stronger, smoother and less tangled, you can apply the simple ways of women in the land of the rising sun.

Oily hair and problems with hair loss can be caused by the hot weather and sweat, which makes the scalp sticky and affects the hair. So girls need to take care of a clean scalp combining some methods hair care. Here are some ways to overcome common problems such as damaged hair, oily hair and hair loss of Japanese women that you should learn.

1. Wash your hair with plain water

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Washing hair with water is usually to wet the entire head, especially the scalp needs to be thoroughly exposed to water. Different from washing our hair that we usually do is pouring water that does not wet the scalp, followed by washing hair with shampoo immediately. Japanese women will focus on washing their hair with water thoroughly: in addition to pouring water on the hair and scalp, you should use your hands to massage the whole head to stimulate blood circulation, help hair grow better.

2. Whip shampoo to create lather before shampooing

Japanese women often wash their hair by whipping shampoo into bubbles before applying it to their hair. This will help the shampoo to spread evenly on the scalp. The method of pre-wasting the shampoo is different from pouring the shampoo directly onto the hair, which will cause the shampoo to not be evenly spread. In addition, rubbing shampoo into the hair until it foams will cause severe friction in the hair, resulting in damaged and brittle hair.

3. Gently scratch your head

Many people must have scratched their heads very hard when washing their hair because it gives a pleasant feeling and makes the scalp feel cleaner. But actually scratching the scalp will damage the hair a lot. Since hair is most sensitive during shampooing, scratching gently or massaging it all over the head also helps stimulate blood circulation.

4. Concentrate on cleaning the scalp

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To solve the problem of oily hair and hair loss, you must focus on cleansing the scalp first. Some people may misunderstand that special cleaning is required in the hair, but in fact, the scalp is the key to healthy hair. Therefore, you should focus on cleaning your scalp thoroughly when washing your hair.

5. Wash off shampoo foam

Wash off the shampoo to help the scalp not be sticky. This also keeps the scalp and hair clean. Also focus on the occipital area (the back of the head and near the nape) because this area is often a buildup of shampoo and stains that run down from the scalp and hair causing inflammation.

To reduce breakage, hair loss may not be difficult but you need to be patient and follow the right method. Just remember to always keep your scalp clean, wash your hair gently, and whip your shampoo before you wash it. If possible, apply the hair mask twice a week to make your hair stronger and shinier.

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