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Competition for the Champions League: MU still has a chance, Arsenal lost

3-2 victory over Norwich helps Manchester United (MU) rekindled hope Champions Leaguein the context of Arsenal and Tottenham suddenly declined.

Of the 4 places in the Champions League next season, the first 3 positions almost certainly belong to Man City, Liverpool and Chelsea thanks to the big gap with the chasing group. The current focus is mainly on the last position in the top 4, where Tottenham, MU and Arsenal are fiercely chasing.

Why Coach Ralf Rangnick Confess “Leading Man United Was A Mistake”

Tottenham is holding the 4th position with 57 points, 3 points more than MU (54 points) after 32 rounds. Arsenal also has 54 points, equal to MU but teachers and coaches Mikel Arteta kick less than 1 match.

In the last 6 matches of the season, MU has to face Liverpool, Arsenal and Chelsea. In the remaining 3 matches, the opponents of coach Ralf Rangnick’s teachers and students are not simple, respectively, Brentford, Brighton & Hove Albion and Hove Albion. Crystal Palace.

Brentford won is in high form with 5 wins in the last 6 matches, including destruction Chelsea with a score of 4-1 at Stamford Bridge. Brighton have just beaten both Arsenal and Tottenham, and Crystal Palace have improved under coach Patrick Vieira.

Competition for the Champions League: MU still has a chance, Arsenal is at a loss - photo 1

Ronaldo scored the 60th hat-trick to help MU get 3 important points


However, MU’s problem comes from internal strength rather than opponents. Under coach Rangnick, the “Red Devils” have not yet shaped the game, have no fighting spirit.

Manchester Evening News assessed MU playing football “as if wanting the season to end as quickly as possible”, and Gary Neville asserted “no more words to comment” when talking about MU

Meet the bottom team Norwich, but the red half of Manchester struggled, had to wait until Cristiano Ronaldo’s ecstatic free-kick to get 3 points.

The next 10 days will determine the future of MU, with 3 matches against Liverpool (April 20), Arsenal (April 23) and Chelsea (April 29). 2 of these 3 matches, MU has to play away.

MU still has a chance to win tickets to the Champions League next season


In particular, the competition with Arsenal is MU’s life-and-death battle for the Champions League spot next season. Ralf Rangnick’s teachers and students can only maintain hope if they “survive” through these three difficult matches.

Arsenal also have schedule full of difficulties when having to meet 3 big opponents, Chelsea, MU and Tottenham in the remaining 7 matches. Not to mention, the Emirates Stadium team has to meet potential teams like West Ham, Newcastle and a Everton struggling in the relegation battle.

Coach Mikel Arteta’s team is only 3 points behind Tottenham. If the match is won, Arsenal will temporarily level the gap with the opponent and overcome MU. However, the “Gunners” are in bad form with 4 defeats after the last 5 matches.

Since receiving the title of “Best Coach of the Month”, coach Arteta is with Arsenal in decline. If they do not improve their performance, it will be difficult for the North London team to return to the Champions League.

Arsenal is showing signs of being out of breath


The team with the biggest advantage in terms of points and schedule in the top 4 race is Tottenham. In the last 6 matches, ‘s opponent Harry Kane With teammates, only Liverpool and Arsenal are in the strong team, besides Brentford (high performance) and Burnley (relegation race) are ominous.

Tottenham have just broken a 4-match winning streak after a 0-1 defeat against Brighton at home. Song, the team of Coach Antonio Conte is still rated higher than MU and Arsenal in terms of human quality, play style and competitive spirit.

If the 2 matches against Brentford and . are well handled, Leicester City in the next 2 rounds, at time MU and Arsenal having to confront internally, Tottenham will take another step towards the qualification Champions League next season.

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