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Drum stage revived

Ho Chi Minh CityThousands of spectators cheered for the music night of Drum Dong – the 33-year-old stage – lights up after more than two years of struggle.

The show that marks the return of the stage is show Tang Phuc and friends, the evening of April 17. At the beginning of the concert, the male singer said he was nervous when performing in front of 1,200 viewers. In the wings, he was told by his colleagues about his memories in Drum Dong – the famous place of many singers in the 1990s – 2000s. Tang Phuc said: “I did not expect that one day I would be honored to stand on the stage very close. this audience”.

1,200 spectators attended the concert again at the Drum Dong stage after more than two years.  Photo: Duong Vu

More than 1,000 spectators attended the concert when the Drum Dong stage reopened after more than two years. Image: Duong Vu

Many viewers shared the same feelings with Tang Phuc when they saw the revival of the Drum. Audience Xuan Tuyen, 66, said that when she heard the news that this music venue was reopening, she invited her children and her husband-in-law to go see and review memories of a time. With her, Drum and 126 – are two long-standing cultural and entertainment venues of Saigon, where many generations of spectators are kept. In 2016, 126 closed, Drum Dong was also in disrepair. Two years ago, the performance industry was affected by the epidemic. Every time she passed the Drum Dong, Ms. Tuyen was sad to see that the interior was deserted and the building gradually deteriorated.

Minh Xu – event guest – remembers the early 1990s with his family often coming to this venue every weekend, sharing the vibrant atmosphere. “This place has contributed to helping people form the habit of listening to live music. Many couples also got married thanks to this stage, and then the whole family took them out to Drum Dong to listen to music and watch plays. I was glad to know that. news that the stage has been put on a new coat to open the door and welcome younger generations of audiences,” he said.

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Nguyen Truong Trung Huy – a member of the Cloud Lang Thang project team – said that the group cherished restoring the stage three months ago, with the approval of the management unit. It took them three weeks to repair the work, because many items were badly damaged. All severely damaged seats and rows of seats are welded or replaced with new iron frames to ensure the safety of spectators. The toilet area, entrance gate and entire facade were also renovated, bringing a new look to Drum Dong. The stage will be exclusively used by the new organizer in the near future.

Aiming at a young audience, the crew chose an affordable price, from VND 250,000 to VND 850,000, offering discounts for students and workers. Trung Huy said: “We hope that the audience in the city or neighboring provinces will have the opportunity to listen to music at a reasonable price.”

The crew representative said that in the immediate future, the show will only be held on the weekend because of worries that the audience has not regained the habit of listening to music. Various shows with artists’ names, from stars like Jimmii Nguyen, Nhu Quynh, Phuong Thanh… to young vocals like Tang Phuc, Duong Edward, Khai Dang, Vicky Nhung…, are scheduled to take place. in April and May.

"Running out of tears" - Tang Phuc

“Running out of tears” (composed by Huynh Quoc Huy) – Tang Phuc sang at Drum Dong on the evening of April 17. Video: Mai Nhat

In the music night to celebrate the return of Drum Dong, Tang Phuc performed 25 songs with guest artists. The singer born in 1992 presented a series of hits that marked his name, such as Running out of tears, weak Saigon knows who to rely on, Find each other… He mainly sings ballads – his strength – when he’s duet with colleagues, like Just not together (singing with Truong Thao Nhi), Betray yourself (singing with Vuong Anh Tu), Street far away (singing with senior Ngoc Linh)… At the end of the program, the group MTV stirred up the atmosphere with a series of rock songs Wave of love, Rock Saigon…, holding back 1,200 spectators until 11pm.

Drum Dong was initially established in June 1989 with a compact operating model, serving a small number of music lovers. In 1990, the Department of Culture and Information of Ho Chi Minh City (now the Department of Culture and Sports of Ho Chi Minh City) granted a license for this venue to operate professionally. In the early years, the stage was rudimentary, not equipped with wireless microphones, without a roof. However, this music venue is closely associated with the entertainment life of the audience for a while, supporting many names: Ngoc Anh, Quang Linh, Ngoc Son, Phuong Thanh, Dan Truong, Hien Thuc, Thanh Thao, Bao Chung , Nhat Cuong, Tan Beo…

Over the years, this venue has gradually disappeared from the audience, only gathering on some holidays and Tet because of degraded facilities. In 2019, the stage was facing rumors of closing, but the director board of Drum Dong denied it. At the end of 2019, many artists reunite to celebrate 30 years stage establishment. Over the past two years, Drum Dong has been operating in moderation because of the impact of the epidemic.

May Lang Thang started as the organizer of a series of live music nights in Da Lat. In March, this unit held a series of music nights in Ho Chi Minh City – The Portrait of Cloudshonoring vocalists like Thanh Lam, My Linh, Ha Tran

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