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Expected threshold for admission to the health profession, teachers in 2022

Draft regulations and thresholds for entry points in the fields of pedagogy and health announced annually by the Ministry of Education and Training for different methods. Admissions Formal training using high school graduation exam results.

Accordingly, in order to participate in the examination for admission to the group of pedagogy and health, the Ministry requires students with grade 12 academic ability to be classified as excellent or higher or with a high school graduation score of 8.0 or higher for majors in the training group. create teachers and majors in Medicine, Traditional Medicine, Dental – Jaw – Facial, Pharmacology.

Expected threshold for admission to the health and teacher profession in 2022 - 1

The Ministry of Education and Training clearly stipulates the threshold to ensure the quality of input for the health sector and teachers in 2022. (Artwork: T.Đ.T)

With majors of study: Physical Education and Sports Coaching, Music Pedagogy, Fine Arts Pedagogy; College of Early Childhood Education majors and majors in Nursing, Preventive Medicine, Midwifery, Dental Restoration Techniques, Medical Laboratory Techniques, Medical Imaging Techniques, Rehabilitation Techniques Grade 12 academic requirements are graded as good or higher or high school graduation score of 6.5 or higher.

Candidates who are directly recruited according to regulations, candidates are level 1 athletes, masters, athletes who have won medals at Phu Dong Health Association, national and international youth tournaments or national championships and At international level, candidates majoring in Music and Fine Arts pedagogy have excellent scores in the aptitude test organized by the training institution (from 9.0 or above on a scale of 10.0) when applying for admission to the following courses. If the industry is suitable, the input threshold is not applied.

According to the requirements of the Ministry of Education and Training, schools based on the requirements of the quality assurance threshold, to determine and announce the floor score level to receive application documents for admission to industries and groups of industries, at least 10 days before the end of registration for admission. The threshold of entry points determined by the schools must not be lower than the above regulations of the Ministry.

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