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“Help” Yuan Shikai proclaimed emperor, tragic end of life

The Academy has appeared very early in Chinese history, this place is not too strange when we are also known through dramas. The prostitutes of that time all possessed a beauty that was not ordinary, but beautiful “tilt the water”, making it rare for amateurs to do everything for themselves, and the girl who could do it was Duong Thuy Hy.

Actress Duong Thuy Hy:

Portrait of a famous courtesan of the late Qing Dynasty. (Photo: Pinterest)

In the late Qing Dynasty, there was a famous prostitute named Duong Thuy Hy. She was born in a poor family, because her parents could not support her, they took her to study music from a person surnamed Duong.

Fortunately, Duong Thuy Hy is endowed with a clear voice, along with extremely outstanding beauty that she has made many boys flutter, including actor Hoang Nhat – a famous rich actor.

Actress Duong Thuy Hy:

Duong Thuy Hy has had a beauty and a passionate voice since she was young. (Photo: Sina)

Once, he accidentally heard her voice and immediately fell in love. After that, every play that she performed featured this actor, the two also became close because of that.

Also because I’m so infatuated with Duong Thuy Hy that Hoang Nhat loved and cared for her to the fullest, he also taught her dance and singing. The happy time went on until one day he was about to propose to Duong Thuy Hy, when he heard that his old mother in his hometown had passed away, with no other choice, Hoang Nhat had to leave everything behind to mourn his mother.

Although he returned to his hometown, for several years, this actor still tried to connect with his lover by writing two poems for Duong Thuy Hy, who was 2000 miles away. But Duong Thuy Hy could not wait for her lover, with her beauty and voice she was bought back for more than ten thousand taels of gold.

Actress Duong Thuy Hy:

Portrait of the actor Hoang Nhat. (Photo: NetEase).

By the time Hoang Nhat returned to find her, seeing that the person he loved had become someone else’s wife, so helpless and desperate, he decided to go to Japan, cut his hair down to become a monk.

As for Duong Thuy Hy, the life of this famous prostitute was also not smooth when both her husband’s family was impeached by Empress Dowager Tu Hi and demoted as a commoner. Then, Duong Thuy Hy was given to a rich businessman in Tianjin.

A few years passed, the Qing dynasty was overthrown, Vien The Khai wanted to claim the emperor, Duong Thuy Hy reluctantly followed and served, singing everywhere to support Vien The Khai’s rise to the throne, helping him “conquer”. “some famous figures.

Later, when Vien The Khai became king, Duong Thuy Hy was often called to the palace by him, but no one dared to stop him. But the era of Yuan Shikai was also overthrown soon after. After he died, she was burdened with great guilt because of her previous actions that helped him, since then no one paid any attention to her.

Actress Duong Thuy Hy:

Vien The Khai. (Photo: Women Newspaper).

Duong Thuy Hy’s fate is true to the sentence that my forefathers said that a red face is a bad luck, a talented girl, more beautiful than people, but still can not win the law of life.

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