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Innovating teaching and learning in association with student moral education

Dong Cam Primary School, Kim Thanh, Hai Duong was merged from Dong Gia Primary School and Cam La Primary School in January 2020. Both primary schools have a long tradition of “Teaching well, learning well”, so after its establishment, Dong Cam Primary School achieved many outstanding achievements, made many innovations in teaching and learning, contributing to improve the quality of comprehensive education.

Not letting any green sprouts be left behind on the journey to knowledge, Dong Cam Primary School actively performs well in mobilizing children to go to school. Right from the beginning of the school year, the school management board directs the assignment of teachers in groups to each hamlet and village and cooperates with the commune justice department to conduct a universal investigation.

Innovating teaching and learning in association with student moral education - 1

Mr. Nguyen Dinh Ha, Principal of the school gave flowers to congratulate the Football Club.

At the same time, the school and the locality propagate and mobilize the parents of students to bring their children to school enthusiastically. As a result, in the 2020-2021 school year, the school mobilized 100% of 6-year-old children to go to school.

Teachers are the core force in the process of reforming and improving training quality, so Dong Cam Primary School organizes many professional activities to improve the quality of teachers such as: : good teacher contest, school-level lecture…

In addition, the Board of Directors increased the time attendance to promptly help teachers improve their professional skills and remove difficulties in implementing the new textbook program, knowledge and skills standards.

One of the breakthrough solutions to improve the learning spirit of students is to create opportunities for students to actively and creatively participate in the learning process. Dong Cam Primary School flexibly applies active teaching methods in teaching, creating opportunities for all students to participate in learning activities and hands-on experiences; Applying information technology to teaching is suitable for students’ thinking, thereby attracting students to study actively, boldly, exploring, discovering, not boring to help the lessons achieve high efficiency. .

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English Club was established, helping students gain more knowledge and creating a playground for those who are passionate and gifted with English.

Notably, in order to create a healthy playground for students after studying, Dong Cam Primary School established an English Club and a Football Club. After a period of preparation, Dong Cam Primary School is pleased to witness the launch of 2 clubs in the 2021-2022 school year.

These two clubs have been actively working, this is the convergence of the most dynamic, talented, gifted students in grades 3, 4, and 5, who have a knack for 2 subjects of English (including 34 students in English). ) and Football (including 12 students) were admitted to the first batch.

In addition, the school also organizes learning playgrounds in cyberspace to promote the vibrant learning spirit for students. Last March, 2022, the school successfully organized for 210 students to participate in the provincial Internet English contest (IOE) and the final round of the school-level VioEdu Math Arena.

This is a contest with great attraction to students of the whole school right from the first round. The end of the competition for the Internet English Test (IOE) had many results exceeding expectations with 10 students with scores above 1000; for the competition ”VioEdu Math Arena”, 61 students entered the top 30% of the school level.

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The math arena organized by the school attracts a large number of students.

Education to practice life skills for students has always been focused by Dong Cam Primary School. The school cooperates with Duc Tri Education and Training Center to educate life skills for students throughout the school. In addition, the school also nurtures and nurtures the children’s souls through organizing moral education activities, helping them to develop comprehensively.

The school effectively organizes the model: “Sex education through educational contents and educational activities” with various forms of teaching organization, combination of exchange and knowledge to help children. avoid pitfalls and social evils.

By synchronously implementing innovation of teaching and learning associated with moral education, the quality of the school’s students’ education has been continuously improved. present throughout the school year.

Notably, the educational results for the 2020-2021 school year, the rate of students completing the academic program reached 99.9%. The results of the quality assessment of 100% of the children meet the requirements, the quality of spearhead education is always in the top of the schools in the district.

In the last 10 years, the school has achieved many good achievements in competitions such as: 1 student won the National Prize for Exchange Encouragement “Learning about traffic safety for children’s smiles”; 22 students won the English Olympiad at district and provincial levels; Chess has 7 district prizes (in which 1 student won the first prize, 3 students won the second prize, 3 students won the third prize) and 2 students participated in the provincial competition.

With the efforts and unremitting efforts of both teachers and students, Dong Cam Primary School is honored to receive many noble awards: for many consecutive years, it has won the title of Excellent Labor Collective; was awarded a certificate of merit by the provincial Youth Union for Team work; Many times, officials and teachers have been recognized as emulation soldiers at provincial and grassroots levels…

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Activities of the sex education club help children gain more knowledge, thereby avoiding pitfalls and evils.

On January 28, 2022, the school was recognized as meeting the national standard level 2. All those sweet fruits are the driving force to create a firm belief for the school’s pedagogical team.

Mr. Nguyen Dinh Ha, Principal of the school shared: “Upholding the tradition and achievements achieved, in the coming time, the leadership, teachers, staff and students of the school will continue to uphold the spirit of solidarity, make efforts to overcome all difficulties, make every effort to Emulating the construction of Dong Cam Primary School to be more and more developed and sustainable”.

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