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iPhone 14 Pro can text, respond to SOS via satellite

Before the launch of the iPhone 13, last fall, analyst Ming-chi Kuo revealed that the iPhone will be able to connect to low-orbit (LEO) satellites. Users can send messages and make calls even when there is no mobile signal

However, this feature has not appeared on the iPhone 13 series launched after that.

Recently, Mark Gurman of Bloomberg I mentioned this issue again in one of my articles when talking about Apple Watch. Gurman talked about Apple’s plans to bring satellite connectivity to the Apple Watch for emergency messaging and SOS response features.

iPhone 14 Pro can text, respond to SOS via satellite - 1

iPhone 14 Pro Max can text or respond to SOS via satellite.

According to Gurman, the feature will debut on the iPhone for the first time, possibly this year. Technology This will allow the user to send a text message or SOS response reporting a problem over the satellite network.

This feature was rumored to be available on the iPhone 13 before it was released last year. At the time, Gurman thought that Apple’s most advanced iPhone would have this feature to text and send emergency SOS signals for crisis situations like plane crashes or shipwrecks.

In the latest report, Gurman also reiterated his prediction about the Apple Watch.

This journalist believes that Apple plans to launch not 1 but 3 new Apple Watches this year, including a new Apple Watch series 8 model, a low-cost SE model and a durable version for consumers. athletes.

Gurman also adds that watchOs 9 will feature a new low-power mode that will allow users to use more functions on devices like the Apple Watch Series 7 compared to the current low-power mode that only shows the time.

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