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iPhone 15 will own a more advanced telephoto camera?

Last year, Apple visited Jahwa Electronics’ facilities in South Korea. According to 9to5mac, Jahwa Electronics recently announced it will spend more than 191 billion Won, or about $155 million, to invest in new facilities. This move is said to implicitly confirm Jahwa Electronics’ partnership with Apple.

Accordingly, Jahwa Electronics will provide Apple with an optical image stabilization (OIS) actuator, used for the telephoto camera on the iPhone. With this periscope lens, the upper camera cluster iPhone 15″ capable of zooming further without affecting image quality.

Sources close to the company said that Jahwa Electronics’ OIS patent is considered excellent when it comes to a camera system with a periscope lens that uses a prism to fold light into the image sensor. The ability to combine light in this way allows vendors to create smaller camera clusters to increase the optical zoom range of smartphones.

Some previous leaked sources said that the iPhone 15 could be the first Apple smartphone without a physical SIM slot. In particular, the iPhone 15 Pro version will support 2 eSIMs.

However, it is likely that Apple will only release an iPhone version that does not support a physical SIM slot in certain markets. Currently, eSIM technology has not been widely deployed in many countries. Therefore, if only releasing a single iPhone 15 version without a SIM slot will affect the company’s sales.

According to The Elec, the iPhone 15 Pro will likely be equipped with a Face ID facial recognition system below the screen. Samsung Display will be the unit in charge of manufacturing screen panels for this product.

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