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Jia Nai Luong was arrested and paid 31 million USD for the livestream incident

Jia Nai Luong missed a word, affecting the brand during the sales livestream. He was ordered to pay $31.4 million in damages.

April 18, Sohu news Fake Nai Luong currently in big trouble with a world famous fast food brand. During the livestream selling the oil-free fryer, he “spoiled” with words that affected the image and business activities of this brand.

The representative of a fast food brand in China, after going through the corporation, decided to sue Jia Nai Luong for allegedly telling the truth, causing economic harm.

They demanded 200 million yuan ($31.4 million) in compensation from the actor. The compensation figure is commented to be extremely high, possibly causing Jia Nai Luong to lose half of his property.

Jia Nai Luong lost tens of millions of dollars because of the livestream incident-1
Jia Nailiang was ordered to pay large sums of money. Photo: Sina.

According to SohuAfter knowing that he had offended the brand, Jia Nai Luong immediately apologized and corrected the information to save the situation. The male star is actively conciliating with this unit to avoid a lawsuit that causes him heavy economic losses.

Jia Nai Luong was born in 1984, known for her works Still Like You, Duong Mon Tiger General, The Most Beautiful Time,… He once had a noisy marriage with actress Ly Tieu Lo. They divorced in November 2019 after Lee Tieu Lo broke the affair with rapper PG One.

The family storm caused Jia Nai Luong’s career to be severely affected, even though the person at fault was not him. After the emotional event, the actor born in 1984 completely changed his personality. From a male artist who is always cheerful and loves life, he becomes quiet and reserved.

For the past three years, Jia Nai Luong has focused on developing his career, but his reputation is not as good as before.

According to Zing

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