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Kia Sonet in the 9th quarter of the year arrives in Hanoi

A few days ago, Mr. Tran Huu T. (residing in Anh Son town, Anh Son district, Nghe An) bought a Kia Sonet car and pressed the number plate ’37A-999.99′ by himself. Although there is only a list price of 625 million VND for the most advanced version, after wearing the number plate of the 9th quarter, many people contacted Mr. T to ask to buy it back for nearly two billion VND. Mr. T. shared with Tien Phong: “Since owning the car, I have constantly received many calls asking to buy it back. Yesterday, someone texted me with a bid of 3.3 billion asking if I would sell. I replied to take the car home and then calculate it later. Then some people bid 2 billion and this morning someone in Vinh city paid 1.5 billion“.

It is known that the car was officially sold to a player in Hanoi for 2.6 billion VND and now it has “docked” in the capital.

Kia Sonet in the fifth quarter of the 9th quarter landed in Hanoi - 1

Kia Sonet toxic sea is carefully transported from Nghe An to Hanoi. Photo: Nguyen Ba Hiep.

According to the Eastern concept, the number 9 has a very beautiful meaning. In Sino-Vietnamese, it is synonymous with the word “nine” in eternity. The Sea of ​​Five Quarters is said to have many meanings about longevity, luck, happiness, peace and convenience for the owner.

The new owner of Kia Sonet in the fifth quarter of the year confirmed that he bought this car mainly for display, not for travel. Besides, he only gives the opportunity to own it back to those who are predestined, making sure to take care of the crossover carefully after buying it.

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