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Launching new product NPK Phu My containing beneficial microorganisms

The idea of ​​this new product started from understanding the wishes of farmers about having a mixed inorganic fertilizer product that not only ensures high yields for plants but also improves the quality of crops. land, convenient, suitable to the conditions and level of cultivation in Vietnam.

The results of scientific research show that the breakthrough, most appropriate, most effective solution that meets the maximum expectations is to add a beneficial microorganism strain in the form of spores into inorganic NPK mixed fertilizer granules. organic matter to decompose cellulose, insoluble organic compounds, and post-harvest residues left in the soil, making the soil fertile and porous…

However, this is a very difficult problem, many times more difficult than adding microorganisms to organic fertilizer because inorganic compound fertilizer is a salt combination.

Therefore, PVFCCo diligently and persistently coordinated with the authorities, experts and partners of the US Biowish Corporation to conduct additional testing of the Bacillius spp strain. into inorganic Phu My NPK, conducting trials on a number of key crop groups in Vietnam such as industrial crops, valuable fruit trees, etc. economy high… and gave very outstanding results, was granted the Decision on recognition of circulation and fertilizer codes by the Plant Protection Department.

Launching a new product NPK Phu My containing beneficial microorganisms - 1

Phu My NPK trial garden – microbiology on coffee plants in Dak Lak.

At the same time, in terms of production, PVFCCo’s Phu My NPK Plant was granted a Certificate of eligibility to produce NPK fertilizers containing microorganisms by the Plant Protection Department.

In the bustling atmosphere of the first days of the new year 2022, Phu My NPK Factory officially produced a new product line NPK Phu My – microbiology with the first formula line being NPK Phu My + Biowish 18-16-18 +13S + TE. The product is analyzed by the functional unit, has high content and quality and completes the procedures for conformity according to regulations.

Launched new product NPK Phu My containing beneficial microorganisms - 2

Production of the first batch of NPK Phu My – microbiology.

Satisfying the intended purpose, this product is both simple to use as a normal NPK but has a big difference, that is, it contains spores of cellulose-degrading microorganisms of Bacilus spp. high density (1 x 106 CFU/g).

When applied to the soil, these microbial NPK granules both provide nutrients like normal NPK, and at the same time, the microorganisms present in the granules will proliferate, grow in the soil environment, and perform decomposition activities. organic matter and by-products, making the soil fertile, porous, retaining water well, and developing plant roots.

This is an advanced solution, suitable for most crops and different types of soil, both contributing to ensuring crop productivity, convenient, suitable for farming according to GAP standards, safe, has just improved the soil towards sustainable development, which so far only PVFCCo has been able to do with the line of inorganic NPK fertilizer containing microorganisms produced in Vietnam.

New products are also packed in high-quality BOPP packaging, modern design, special moisture-proof materials, meeting the storage conditions of NPK containing microorganisms, and immediately delivered to regions for timely service. for the people to take care of the plants.

Launched new product NPK Phu My containing beneficial microorganisms - 3

Product images.

Thus, from 2022, a different new product line from the leading fertilizer manufacturer in Vietnam will continue to contribute to bringing farmers bountiful crops and sustainability in long-term farming.

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