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Making a short film in just 1 day, the Diplomatic student won the Gold Award in the creative competition

Share with VietNamNet, Tien Anh said knowing about the contest was quite accidental. “When I was a freshman, I accidentally stumbled across the post of the Vietnam Young Lions program and really wanted to apply because there was a Film category that I liked very much, but I couldn’t find a bronze. team for me” – the male student shared.

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Before that, since middle school and high school, Tien Anh was very interested in acting and participated in many plays in school, holding many positions such as director, scriptwriter… After graduating from high school , the male student chose International Communication at the Diplomatic Academy to support his ability and creativity.

Therefore, the idea of ​​participating in the program in the Short Film category was always hot and the male students tried to gain as much real combat experience as possible. Since 2019, Tien Anh has applied to be a collaborator at a project and took the nickname “Op”. There, the male student experienced acting in front of the camera and participated in the video production process.

“It was my passion for acting since I was young and my real combat experience that motivated me to sign up for the show at the end of last year” – Tien Anh said that at that time he had found Nguyen Tran Duong Thuong – co-star. Teams compete and combine the names of the two to form the team name of DTA.

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Lai Tien Anh and his teammate Nguyen Tran Thuong Duong.

The time to wait for the topic was also during the epidemic, so the male student and his teammates met online twice a week to discuss more. “Me and Thuong reviewed the products of previous years and analyzed why the team won the Gold, Silver, and Bronze awards. Since then, we have learned from experience and tried to prepare more solid knowledge” – Tien Anh said.

When receiving the topic of the Organizing Committee, Tien Anh invited his teammates to go to Hanoi together to focus on the competition. The theme of this category is “Real Life, Live Your Passion” and contestants are required to work in 2 days, including filming a short film and making a project to present their ideas to the jury. The male student said that the Organizing Committee started to calculate the time to do the test from 10 am and the team did everything, including ideas and script writing, until 2 am the next day.

“Due to not having much contact in Hanoi, I immediately took the bus back to Hai Phong at 5am to prepare props and ask my friends to act as actors” – Nam student recalled.

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Upon arrival, Tien Anh immediately rushed into the work of preparing the props, locations, actors and it took all morning. Due to previous acting experience and agreed upon script, the short filming went quite smoothly. However, the product that came out of the oven was not as expected, had to be edited, cut and reassembled many times.

“Two people barely slept to re-edit the video and still had to edit until the submission deadline. When we pressed the submit button, the clock only had 8 minutes left until the time was up,” said the male student.

After 3 weeks, the male student received the top 5 result and was about to enter the city. HCM to present directly to the Jury.

“The contest will choose the top 5 to enter the final night, so we are extremely happy. But we were also a bit worried because at that time, we only had a week to prepare,” – the male student shared.

In the final night, the competition teams mainly focused on giving presentations in English about their products, including ideas, messages… Therefore, Tien Anh and his teammates decided to turn the presentation into a story-telling session. , To share.

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When he heard that he had won the Gold award – the highest award for the student category, Tien Anh and his teammates burst into happiness because they did not think they could go that far.

“I would like to thank my family, siblings and friends for their support during the contest, especially teammate Duong Thuong. The two have always understood and compensated for each other, so this victory is great,” said the male student emotionally.

As expected, Tien Anh will represent Vietnam to compete at the Young Lions – Cannes Lions international marketing and communication contest 2022.

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