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Mom taught me to do my homework, the dog felt bad and hid in a corner-Young

Monday, April 18, 2022 16:00 PM (GMT+7)

The dog’s reaction made netizens feel amused and funny.

In fact, there are many cases where parents have to “fall ill” when teaching their children to learn. Many parents, no matter how good they are on the outside, how well they study, sometimes have to “give up” to the slowness, and their children still don’t understand when they lecture.

Parents are pressured by daily work, when they come home to tutor their children to do their homework, fatigue and frustration make them want to “burn”.

Recently, a father shared a video recording his wife teaching his children to study, causing netizens to talk excitedly.

Mom taught me to do my homework, the dog felt bad and hid in a corner - 1

The mother is giving a lecture to her child, the atmosphere is very tense.

The video shows the mother grimacing and exasperated while teaching but her son still doesn’t understand. The boy silently sat to do the homework, the angry mother talked non-stop, the air was so tense that the dog seemed to feel the anger of the owner, so he did not dare to disturb, curled up a little. fearful way in the corner. The image of the dog made netizens laugh.

Mother teaches her son to do his homework, the dog feels bad and hides in a corner - 3

The dog sensed the scary atmosphere at this time, so he quickly hid.

Most of the netizens’ comments focused on the dog’s reaction.

– Perhaps the dog is too familiar with the scene where the mother teaches the child to study like this. It already knows how storms will happen after that, it’s best to find a safe place to hide.

– So does my cat. Seeing a change in the house, he immediately fled.

– The dog must have thought that if he didn’t hide from the owner, he would be in great danger if he was angry with the fish.

– Every time I teach my children to do homework, scold and lecture, I’m so angry that I can’t stand it.

Besides focusing on the dog’s reaction, some other netizens also expressed sympathy for the mother. Indeed, raising children seems easy, but it is extremely difficult. Perhaps the mother should review her child’s teaching method, instead of sitting and supervising and teaching her child like that, she can train the child to be more self-disciplined in learning so that the parents won’t have to work hard.

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