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mRNA technology could help treat heart attacks

Simulation of the human heart and genetic mechanism. (Photo: MIET)

This is the result of a new groundbreaking study.

Use mRNA technologythe technology to prepare a vaccine to prevent COVID-19, King’s College London, UK has found the genetic codes responsible for creating proteins that stimulate the production of heart cells, opening the first treatment direction for the disease. heart attack patient.

Lead researcher Professor Mauro Giacca said that the number of heart muscle cells at the time of human birth is equal to the number at the time of death.

After a heart attack, the heart is incapable of self-healing or healing. Therefore, the team’s goal is to find a therapy that stimulates heart cells to self-replicate, multiply and regenerate this organ.

mRNA technology can help treat heart attacks - Photo 1.

mRNA technology can assist in stimulating heart cell production. (Photo: PAHO)

“We are using vaccine production technology from Pfizer and Moderna to inject mRNA proteins into the heart, deliver them where the cells are left, and prompt the cells to self-reproduce. New cells replace the dead cells.Professor Giacca explained.

In addition, the researchers are excited about the possibility that it could limit the damage to the heart once a heart attack occurs. In theory, when the protein was injected by the time the ambulance arrived, the patient’s severity could be reduced and the risk of death could be avoided.

It is expected that clinical trials on humans can begin in 2 years.

In the US alone, about 805,000 people have a heart attack each year and this number in the UK is 100,000.

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