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Naming babies “swordfish” up to 10,000 USD, sounds easy but not easy

Taylor A.Humphrey, 33 years old, living in New York is a professional baby naming profession. Fees for each child’s name range from $1,500 to $10,000. Last year, Taylor named 100 babies.

Upon receiving requests from families, the 33-year-old will create a list of her own names based on parental requests. If a parent asks for a special, branded and exclusive name, the customer needs to pay $10,000.

Strange jobs make a lot of money in the US: Naming a baby fish earns up to 10,000 USD, sounds easy but not simple - Photo 1.

Taylor Humphrey. Photo: The People

Taylor A. Humphrey has been in the baby naming profession since 2015, when she created an Instagram account with the name “What’s in a baby name”. In the beginning, she often gave free names to parents who asked for it. But after 3 years, Taylor realized she could make money from this passion.

On the matter of choosing the perfect name, Taylor said that parents already know what to choose for their children, but they still need a suggestion. In addition, parents also look to naming services because they “run out of ideas” when having a third or fourth child. Sometimes it’s hard for them to think of a suitable name.

However, the names Taylor suggested were not always approved by parents. Many parents refused, asked to change the name because they did not like it. “But remember, it’s important to create a good name not only based on the subjective opinion of the parent, but the name needs to be suitable for the child,” Taylor said.

According to The People

https://cafef.vn/nghe-la-kiem-bon-tien-o-my-dat-ten-cho-tre-so-sinh-ca-kiem-toi-10000-usd-nghe-de-dang- velvet-not-he-don-gian-20220418144851873.chn

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