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New information about the death of a husband and wife with two girls who were starving for 3 days at their own home

On April 18, the Tra Vinh Provincial Police Investigation Agency said that after the process of verifying and consolidating the case file, the investigating agency did not prosecute a criminal case related to the death of the couple in the hamlet. Sa Binh, Long Duc Commune, City. Tra Vinh.

Accordingly, the police agency determined determined that the case did not show signs of a criminal offence. A young couple died from taking sedatives. When the incident was discovered on the morning of April 14, there were 2 girls aged 7 and 3 in the house in poor health and hungry. The cause of the incident was due to debt, the young couple took a sedative to commit suicide.

Specifically in the morning On April 14, people discovered Mr. NT’s house. (34 years old) and TTKC’s wife (35 years old) closed the door for many days, so they approached the scene when they discovered Mr. dead, the body stinks. Beside the couple, there were 2 hungry girls, so they rushed to the emergency room.

New information about the death of a couple with 2 hungry girls for 3 days at their own home - Photo 1.

The house owned by Mr. and Mrs. D. Rent a house in Sa Binh hamlet, Long Duc commune

The results of the scene examination and autopsy showed that the two victims died by suicide, the investigation revealed that the family owed about 500 million VND.

Sharing with us, Mr. Nguyen Van Many (father of Mr. D.) said that after discovering the incident, the family has not stopped being shocked by the death of the son and his wife. Particularly, 2 girls aged 7 and 3 years old were taken by Mr. Loi to his paternal house in Hoa Thuan commune, Chau Thanh district to take care of. Fortunately, both girls have no health problems, especially the 7-year-old girl often has insomnia, psychological instability after going through the whole thing.

In addition, Mr. Many also said that the 7-year-old girl confided in her family, thanks to the carton of milk that her grandfather gave her last Saturday (April 9), the two sisters shared drinks to endure for 3 days. night, before being discovered by an adult knocking on the door to help. 20220418132826838.chn

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