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New Pokémon game may be revealed next week

Details regarding the new Pokémon games are likely to be revealed as early as next week.

According to VCG, The Pokémon Company will bring a new reveal of the Pokémon game next week. According to the list of the TV show PokéDoko, the statement is about to share the information latest news about the Pokémon game in the episode that aired on April 24.

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PokéDoko Show Might Reveal New Pokémon Game


The announcement may be related to the game Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet, was announced 2 months ago. However, as noted by the Pocketmonsters.net Twitter account, the announcement of new games by The Pokémon Company’s TV shows has been on hiatus for several years. Maybe next week PokéDoko will announce new information previously planned by The Pokémon Company, or perhaps the claim of the new reveal has been exaggerated.

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet was revealed during a Pokémon Presents live stream in February and will release for the Nintendo Switch in late 2022. Both are the latest Pokémon games to be announced as part of Pokémon Presents.

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