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Ruby Collagen Japanese beauty and health protection food is available in Vietnam

Monday, April 18, 2022 14:00 PM (GMT+7)

Ruby Collagen is a new collagen product launched in Vietnam, giving your skin 2 special uses needed to become beautiful. Not only improves elasticity – something everyone is concerned about, but also protects the skin against the effects of the sun and environmental dirt.

There are many collagen products in the current Vietnamese market, but to bring the best benefits to your skin, we should choose “prestige” and “quality” products, to help support the skin. Absorb the best nutrients and prevent the effects of the aging process.

Our body can naturally produce collagen on its own to keep the skin elastic and firm over the years, but that is not the case for long. Around the age of 25, collagen will gradually decrease over time, which is why as we age, the skin gradually becomes less firm, sagging and wrinkles are formed more.

Not only does age affect the aging of the skin, but external damage also causes the skin to suffer effects such as: dust, environmental pollution, UV rays, stress. work fatigue, … also make the skin quickly degraded. If you do not take care of your skin from the inside and out when the collagen is depleted, aging will appear faster and more difficult to reverse.

Japanese Ruby Collagen beauty and health protection food is available in Vietnam - 1

Not only age, environmental damage also causes skin to age quickly.

A product from Japan that can support skin protection, increase elasticity, and anti-oxidant thanks to its special ingredients.

Innershine Ruby Collagen is a high-quality collagen product made in Japan – a country known for women who always have youthful skin despite their advanced age. As a result, health and beauty care products from Japan are always researched for ingredients and uses to bring positive effects in the beauty work of women.

Japanese Ruby Collagen beauty and health protection food is available in Vietnam - 2

Japanese women always possess youthful skin regardless of age because they hold the secrets of anti-aging skin care.

So how does Innershine Ruby Collagen possess powerful anti-aging ingredients for the skin?

Innershine Ruby Collagen contains a special ingredient Astaxanthin – known as “the most powerful antioxidant in nature”, 6000 times stronger than Vitamin C, 800 times stronger than CoQ10 and 100 times stronger than Vitamin E. With such a powerful anti-aging essence, this ingredient promotes skin’s defense against sun damage and pollution, thereby helping to improve skin’s radiance and prevent aging.

The product also possesses Micro Collagen essence, micro collagen will be easily absorbed into the body quickly, shortening the time of penetration into the body to increase skin elasticity, and help you feel the effect. Positive results on the skin that the product brings. In addition, the product cannot lack Vitamin E to give you brighter skin.

Japanese Ruby Collagen beauty and health protection food is available in Vietnam - 3

Innershine Ruby Collagen possesses powerful ingredients in preventing skin aging.

Every day, just enjoy 1 Innershine Ruby Collagen Jelly bar will help supplement Astaxanthin, Micro Collagen and Vitamin E for healthy and beautiful skin. The product is Collagen jelly, with a delicious taste from pomegranate, sweet and sour, attractive. You can take the product with you everywhere and enjoy it as a convenient snack.

Are you a candidate for Innershine Ruby Collagen?

The period 18 – 29 years old wants to prepare for the process of preventing aging and protecting the skin against the damage of time.

In the period of 30 – 40 years old, you need to supplement the amount of collagen that is lacking in your body so that your skin returns to its elasticity and youthfulness.

In the period over 40 years old, when the skin shows signs of aging, collagen is severely lacking, at this time you need to add a strong collagen to restore and improve the skin, making the skin firmer.

Innershine Ruby Collagen – a product from a reliable Japanese brand

Innershine Ruby Collagen jelly from BRAND’S brand, a trusted brand with more than 180 years of operation, products are focused on quality. Products from Japan with 1 box of 10 packs used for 10 days, just need to use 1 pack a day, you will maintain youthful skin.

Japanese Ruby Collagen beauty and health protection food is available in Vietnam - 4

Innershine Ruby Collagen from Japan brings youthful and firm skin to users.

To feel the benefits of collagen, we should use it for a period of 1-2 months. Because after the age of 25, collagen will gradually decrease, so it needs to be maintained to supplement collagen regularly, and you just need to enjoy the product as a dessert fruit meal every day.

The presence of Innershine Ruby Collagen beauty and health protection food from Japan hopes that the product will contribute to cherishing and taking care of the beauty and health of Vietnamese women for a long time.

Product cost: 486,000VND/box of 10 packs

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This product is not a medicine, it is not a substitute for medicine

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