Shanghai sarcasm: Hey, are those who tested positive still here?

Tensions over Covid-19 control are revealing divisions among the people of Shanghai, especially between people who are not infected with the virus and those who are positive.

Shanghai’s 25 million residents, most of whom live in apartment buildings, forged new community ties during the city’s biggest outbreak through commodity exchanges, group purchases, and more. , and set up food sharing stations on WeChat.

However, when the blockade at Shanghai There is no sign of ending in nearly 3 weeks, with some areas even having suffered for more than 4 weeks, frustration is also growing behind the closed gates of the city’s high-rises. , according to CHEAPeuters.

In WeChat groups – which initially showed solidarity and mutual care among people – are now erupting in conflicts because of discrimination against patients.

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Disinfecting a blocked residential area in Shanghai, April 15. Photo: Reuters.

Report each other

In one, a conflict broke out when a resident was reported to the authorities by a neighbor to the authorities even though the opponent’s true health status was unknown, causing this person to be taken to a concentrated isolation area – where she tested negative. count.

While authorities are scrambling to track down China’s biggest outbreak to date, people who test positive for the virus are often publicly identified on WeChat groups in residential areas.

An American citizen living in Shanghai was informed that she would be sent to an isolation center after her combined test and three others tested positive, even though her home test was negative.

All of the people whose samples were included in that pooled test have been placed in isolation, though it’s not clear which of them is exactly the one with the virus.

“In the chat groups, they said sarcastic things when we were not quarantined like: ‘Hey, are the positive people still here? Are they still here?’” she recounted and declined to be named.

Older residents, who are more vulnerable to Covid-19, are also more likely to be reported to authorities and removed from their property if they are questioned by neighbors about their health.

Alexy, another foreign resident, was suspected and harassed by neighbors when his Covid-19 test results were not uploaded to the health app.

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An anti-epidemic worker guards a blockaded residential area in Shanghai, April 17. Photo: Reuters.

The management of the building where he lives has been trying to block his family’s food deliveries unless they share home test results with the rest of the residents – a demand some Shanghai residents say is spreading. even though it violates privacy rights.

“CDC (Centers for Disease Control) services are overwhelmed. They (neighbors) feel they have the most important mission in their lives, being able to play the role of doctor, police officer and judge at the same time.” he sarcastically.

Stigma against positive people

Some people were unable to return to their own homes and were asked to stay in hotels after being released from quarantine, despite this in violation of government guidelines.

Another foreign resident said she suffered anger and discrimination from neighbors while isolating at home without being taken to the center after testing positive for the virus.

One neighbor called her “foreign trash”, while several spread the word that she was mentally ill. The residential area’s management committee didn’t help, she said.

“I saw screenshots of their messages telling each other to keep calling the authorities until I was taken away”she said, adding that she would move out as soon as possible.

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Shanghai residents have been under a strict blockade for nearly three weeks, but there is no sign that the government will reopen soon. Photo: Reuters.

Tensions among residents are growing as Shanghai on April 17 reported three deaths for the first time since the outbreak began in early March, and the infection rate remains high despite the prolonged blockade and series of tests.

Shanghai records 19,831 cases Covid-19 new asymptomatic cases on April 17, down from 21,582 cases the day before. New symptomatic cases stood at 2,417, down from 3,238 the previous day, according to Reuters.

According to Zing

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