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Showing off her tight body in a delicate red dress revealing lingerie

A few hours ago, Fairy’s hair made netizens stir because of his “extremely burning” body in a series of photos during a family outing. It is known that all the images that Toc Tien posted were taken from film cameras.

The most noticeable in the series of photos shared by Toc Tien is the photo in a thin red dress that hugs the body without any excess fat of the beauty born in 1989. After the photo was posted, it immediately made everyone have to Wow.

Designer Ly Qui Khanh must exclaim: So beautiful.

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Toc Tien’s body is always a topic that attracts the attention of fans. Toc Tien is a food lover, so in order to keep her body standard, she works hard and builds a reasonable diet so that she doesn’t have to abstain too much but still maintain a standard body.

According to many people, the photos showing Toc Tien’s body are extremely artistic and sexy, so they are not as offensive as some other beauties.

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