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Tested with filler to see if it was suitable before going for surgery and got a bitter result

April 18, 2022 09:38 GMT+7

Listening to the spa staff advise that filler should be injected first to see if it is suitable and then rhinoplasty later, the woman spent 800,000 VND / 1cc to test and received bitter results…

On April 11, the Department of Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery – Post Hospital received a case of a patient experiencing complications after injecting beauty fillers.

Specifically, a patient named NTTA (39 years old) residing in Hanoi came to the hospital in a state of swelling, purple skin on the tip of the nose and forehead, blisters and blisters on the skin. The patient presents with dizziness and lightheadedness.

Ms. A said that because her nose was low, she wanted to correct her nose to make it higher, so she confided and was introduced to a spa near her home by an acquaintance. Here, she was advised by the spa staff that she should inject filler first to see if it is suitable, then she will perform a rhinoplasty later. Respectfully, she agreed to do it with the price of 800,000 VND / 1cc.

Spending nearly a million injecting filler to see if it suits, really damaged the nose and face
The patient had an accident after injecting filler and went to the Post Office Hospital to ask for help

After examining, Dr. Hoang Manh Ninh – Head of Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery Department – Post Hospital diagnosed Ms. A with signs of skin necrosis in the nose area due to filler injection. If not hospitalized quickly, it will cause more serious complications such as blindness, loss of vision…

During the injection, Ms. A felt pain and numbness around the nose and mouth, but was reassured by the staff that it was a very normal expression. However, after 2 days, not only the above condition did not go away, but the skin blistered and blistered more fluid. Because she was so scared, she decided to go to the hospital for treatment.

The patient was immediately prescribed an antidote to dissolve the filler first, then treated with antibiotics, anti-inflammatory drugs and daily wound care.

Although doctors have repeatedly warned of the dangers of injecting fillers with “cheap” prices at facilities that are not guaranteed to beautify, many people still disregard their health…

Previously, Dr. Do Quang Hung, Head of Plastic Surgery Department, Cho Ray Hospital (HCMC) also shared that he had to receive treatment for a very young female patient in Cam My, Dong Nai who had a stroke. symptoms after injecting filler for rhinoplasty. As a result, the patient’s left eye completely lost vision.

It is known that the patient performed filler injections at a spa for 1.5 million VND. However, right after the injection, the patient immediately felt pain, drooping eyelids and darkened left eye.

Recently, hospitals often receive many complications after filler beautification at spas, hairdressing salons, private homes… According to doctors, acute complications of filler injections are not It is true that injecting into a blood vessel causes pain. The filler goes deeper, causing blurred vision, blindness, and skin necrosis in an area.

Ths.Bs Hoang Manh Ninh recommends that beauty is a legitimate need of women, but how to ensure your own health is something people should pay close attention to.

Accordingly, people should not think that this is a simple service that can be performed anywhere. Beauty treatments must be performed by plastic surgeons with practice certificates at establishments licensed to operate in the field of cosmetology.

In addition, instead of using filler just to see if it suits your face, customers should perform rhinoplasty at reputable medical facilities.

N. Huyen

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