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The Covid-19 epidemic in Shanghai is getting more and more complicated for this reason

In the past week, news and news agencies in China have published a series of articles about the situation in Shanghai. When the whole world is slowly learning to live with Covid-19 the “most populous country” is still steadfast with its “Zero Covid” plan. Authorities ordered a blockade of Shanghai after recording 13,000 new infections in a day.

The blockade order this time can be said to be the most stringent, applying to Shanghai’s 26 million residents. People are not allowed to leave the house for any reason, including taking out the trash. All must order food and necessities online, then the shipper team will be responsible for delivering. However, everything is always sold out, but if you can buy it, the price is “in the sky”.

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The people of Shanghai are in deep conflict with the government.

In just a few days, the lives of the people of Shanghai have changed just like the situation in Wuhan that year, when the Covid-19 epidemic in Shanghai began to break out. SCMP reported, tension between the people and the police is pushing to a high here.

In Zhangjiang (Shanghai, China), the police broke into people’s houses and dragged them out to arrest them because they often went out for no reason. Apartments in the Zhangjiang Nashi International area have become a place of mass isolation without consulting the people.

Residents at this building said they were told to move elsewhere on April 14 to make room for Covid patients. When the tenants protested, police in white protective gear used force to pull them out of the house. Even though people ask for an exemption for the elderly, they don’t care, and women and children cry and beg because they don’t have a place to live.

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There were many conflicts and contradictions in Shanghai when the Covid-19 pandemic hit.

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A woman on her knees begging.

Recently, a video appeared online showing a woman, kneeling in the middle of the road and crying in despair. After that, police in white protective clothing entered the building, the two sides clashed and people were restrained shortly after. The video was widely shared online and was removed by censors not long after.

“There’s no food or drink and no one can stand it. What the hell are the police doing?” – An anonymous user shared.

Almost all the functional forces here are wearing white protective gear, so it is very difficult to distinguish who from whom to blame. The police in Shanghai are now acting very tough, they are ready to do anything to put things on track isolation. Anyone who opposes them will take strong action without any negotiation.

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From a busy and bustling Shanghai, now there are no people.

“The police are another matter, don’t talk about it, but even the cleaners refuse to collect the garbage from my apartment complex. I know they are afraid of getting sick, they take care of their families, but what about us? “ – Cissie Hu, a Shanghai woman shares her situation.

The police seem to be the “bridge” between the people and the outside world, but now Shanghai people don’t put their trust in them anymore. That’s why the protests and riots began.

“They wear protective gear and are not afraid of infection, and freely do what they like without fear of responsibility. I don’t know when this hellish situation will end.” – A resident lamented.

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People are severely lacking in basic necessities due to the rapid blockade.

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