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The nest of 4 mutant chicks picked up by Rolls Royce of Chapter Tailor has a clear sex

Since receiving the nest of 4 mutant chicks home, businessman Chuong Tailor happily shows off their changes every day. He caressed them, fed them, talked as if taking care of a baby.

This ruby ​​red-eyed ancestor is extremely rare, currently, Chapter Tailor’s nest of 4 children is unique because of its high mutation rate and mutation of the whole nest. He happily boasted that, after 13 days, the birds were able to eat by themselves and began to chat. I’m planning to practice them singing.

Chapter Tailor's 410 million mutant bird's nest is clear, netizens: Buy 1 word 4 already!  - Photo 1.

Latest pictures of mutant bird’s nest

What makes Chapter Tailor happiest, when he can’t hold his mouth when showing off, is that the sex of the 4 children in this mutant nest is clear: 3 males – 1 female. He once revealed, hoping that the bird’s nest has 2 cocks – 2 roofs is enough to be happy.

With the ring, the male is more valuable. An empty ruby ​​red-eyed brood can cost 500 million dong, and a female bird about 100 million. Therefore, if there are many male birds, Chuong Tailor’s advice from the emperor’s nest is worth many times more than the price of 410 million he spent initially to buy.

Many netizens “bouncing numbers” quickly closed the deal, Mr. Chuong Tailor “big word” with these 4 little falcons. Some people even commented to buy hands. The giant Ha Thanh laughed and said that anyone who wants to see it, invites him to his house to play and talk about birds, but he never resells it.

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The emperors advised him to take care of himself, but not give it to a “nanny” like an adult bird.

He confided: “Someone asked me what I raise birds for. That’s how I enjoy life, relax. Outside of work and family time, I enjoy bird watching. How many gardeners look for and take care of them from newborn until they can sing, feeling very happy, I just look forward to the weekend. In the morning in Hanoi, sitting on the balcony watching birds, drinking coffee, and having breakfast is enough to start a leisurely day.

Raising chicks is very exciting. The nests that Chuong previously raised a mutant were usually a female. Fortunately, this nest is the first bird of the crop, so the vacancy rate is very high. I know the sex of the bird by testing, cutting its wing or tail feathers, pasting it on a paper with the ordinal number and then sending it to the bird testing center, the price for sex testing is 750k/bird.“.

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The peaceful weekend morning of businessman Chapter Tailor with BTS, billions of dollars.

Some “players” of the ringed bird, although not directly observed, from the early days speculated that this nest had 3 cocks – 1 hen. There are also people who distinguish the female drums by natural experience, hearing their calls. People separate the birds into different cages and listen to the call, the high-pitched sound is not timid, the sound is clear, the high is the male bird, the female bird’s voice is high.

According to Mr. Chuong Tailor, if you want to distinguish between drums and trumpets, you have to wait until they are stronger and start chatting. But he was “impatient” so he tested to be sure. After a while, the birds get bigger, he will separate the cage and practice singing. The king of colored birds hopes he can make breeding pairs for this mutant bird’s nest.

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