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The North is hot and sunny, in some places over 36 degrees Celsius

According to information from the fanpage of the National Center for Hydro-Meteorological Forecasting, currently, the North is experiencing a rare cold wave in April. However, it is forecasted that from the end of this week, the weather will change very quickly. when the heat comes.

The North is about to receive the first heat wave in 2022, with places above 36 degrees Celsius - Photo 1.

Specifically, it is forecasted that from Friday (April 22), sunshine will appear on a large scale in the North and Central regions. The weather is gradually turning less cloudy, the day is sunny. The highest temperature will gradually increase from 27-30 degrees, and increase sharply in the following days.

The hot weather will start in the North Central region from April 24, then expand to the coastal area and also to the Northern Delta and the Northwest.

The peak will be April 25-27, with the highest temperature in the Northern Delta and Northwest common at 33-35 degrees (Hoa Binh can be > 36 degrees), North Central 34-36 degrees (only in the region). mountains 35-37 degrees, some places > 38 degrees). In the evening, watch out for thunderstorms that are easily accompanied by thunder, strong winds and tornadoes.

According to meteorological experts, the heat in the North and Central regions this year is likely to appear later than average, with an intensity that is not as intense and lasting as 2020.

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