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The passionate teacher who taught the pilot school demanded to get married, 2 years later divorced

Le Hoang Thai (or commonly known as Thien Minh) is currently a teacher at the pilot school in Ho Chi Minh City. HCM. Thai’s side job is a singer singing in a bingo troupe.

Hoang Thai revealed that he is a person of the 3rd gender. Thai identifies himself as Pan sexual. It’s “homosexual” – sexual and/or romantic attraction to regardless of gender and gender. It’s the kind of attribute where people don’t put sex first, he explains. Most just like each other in appearance, education, good lifestyle… In general, he is attracted by the other’s good and beautiful attributes.

He had a broken marriage with a woman. Behind it contains a long, twisted story about the life and fate of a “all-rounder” boy who is passionate about singing.

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Le Hoang Thai has a handsome look

Pilot instructor married 4 years his wife asked for a divorce

Talking about his situation, Thai said that he is the only son in the family. Since childhood, Thai was like many other male children. When he was in high school, he still had some love affairs with girls. With attractive appearance, Thai is also in the form of peach blossom.

However, after that, Thai also likes and hangs out with male friends. At that time, the boy was very curious and constantly asked many questions about his true gender.

Thai confided that the guy’s family situation was not happy, living in a family that did not have enough conditions for development. Independent from an early age, her parents were caught up in the vortex of making money with little care. Sometimes Thai is “forgotten” by parents.

“I haven’t seen my mother for a whole year, the times I have met are counted on my fingers. My house is in Ben Tre, my mother sells it in Tay Ninh. I really want to feel like my parents go to a parent-teacher meeting. When I went to college, my parents went to college. I don’t know what school I’m going to, what major I’m studying“, Thai confided.

The gender-blind pilot teacher insisted on getting married, 4 years after the divorce, his mother scolded him - Photo 2.

In addition to teaching pilots, Thai is also a bingo singer

Around 2015, Thai graduated, graduated with a stable job. Once home, Thai told his mother: “I want to have a family“. He said that this intention had been rekindled in his mind for a long time. The loneliness at a young age prompted him to think about building his own home.

However, at that time, Thai did not know or love anyone. The guy risked his life to inform his mother like that and asked her to find him a soulmate for life.

Mom at that time asked if you knew anyone to marry. Thai said that I don’t know, now let’s see who is suitable, then go and ask.”Thai recalls.

After that, a mutual acquaintance had a daughter who introduced her to Thai and the other party to see and get acquainted. The two also had about a year of getting to know each other. Seeing that it was also suitable, the two got married in 2017.

After nearly 4 years of living together, the wife suddenly said goodbye. Thai said that day on the 30/4 holiday, the two also went back to their parents’ house to cook and eat together very happily. When she was sleeping at night, she said “I’m going to get a divorce now.”

The gender-blind pilot teacher insisted on getting married, 4 years after the divorce, his mother scolded him - Photo 3.

Do your best when standing on stage

At first, when the reason was unknown, Thai was shocked. Some people think that because the guy is the 3rd gender, not a real man makes the opponent decide to stop. But he denied.

I do not know for her that I have fulfilled my duties and responsibilities as a husband or not. At that time, work at the airport was very busy, most of the month Thai was only at home for 2-3 days, but in this little time, I always gave her love. Even the husband and wife are always full and redundant.”

Later, when he asked a few friends of his wife, he knew that this woman was not sincere in love, did not love him. Thai said:If you want to end this marriage. I am the solver because I am the proposer. But he decided not to sign the application because he still loved and wanted to continue.”. Still, the wife was determined to put an end to everything.

Post-divorce depression, mother’s mental terror

After the broken marriage, Thai depression took more than half a year. He considers those days as hell. The reason the two ended up was kept a secret by Thai, only her biological mother knew about it. But it is also the mother who has the most conflicts with Thai.

The teacher confided that his mother chose to be silent and did not tell anyone, but sometimes terrorized the child’s spirit with terrible curses. This made him confused about his own family, afraid to face his parents and relatives.

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Singing bingo has caused Thai to fall into family conflicts, especially with his mother

For the past 2 years, Thai has not dared to go home, dare not talk to her mother. When the guy chooses a left-hand job as a bingo singer, the conflict becomes even more climactic. The whole family and people around are boycotting.

They mocked Thai father that he “exploded” his son as a teacher but standing on stage singing bingo. Unable to correct and Thai has no reason to explain to them, he is happy with his work and hobbies.

In order to pursue her passion, Thai had to accept the exchange of moments spent with her parents. But after all, this guy still puts his family first.

Just waiting for every time I come home from work, my mother will wait at the door and ask “Are you tired from work?”. Anyway, I promise to work hard to achieve success to make you proud. As I said before, I will be the child of someone’s family.” Thai choked.

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