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Viet Anh constantly bursts into tears when she talks about her daughter

At the movie premiere press conference Ex-husband, ex-wife, ex-lover, The work gathers a series of “hot” actors of VTV such as Viet Anh, Chi Nhan, La Thanh Huyen, Quynh Nga, Meritorious Artist Quang Thang, Van Dung…, all attention seems to be on Viet Anh after the episode. trailer is introduced. Viet, the character he plays in the movie, has experienced a broken marriage and has a stepdaughter in puberty.

Viet Anh admits, Viet has many similarities with him in real life, so he put a lot of real emotions and real materials from his own life into the film.

“I used to wish that after all the dusty, ‘tiger’ roles, I would be able to show the image of a father of a rooster raising a child. I told this wish to director Vu Truong Khoa while working with him. from the movie ‘Sunflower against the sun’. Unexpectedly, director Vu Truong Khoa and I had the opportunity to meet again so soon. This movie is like a gift for my children.” Viet Anh shared.

Viet Anh insists that this is his favorite character, but it also hurts him the most so far. “The first pain was that I had to grow a beard. After wearing the beard for about 2 months, I had an allergic reaction, my lips swelled up like two sausages, both painful and itchy, and even developed blisters. Those are the things that happen. terrible, nightmare that I’ve never had to go through. Then I asked Mr. Khoa for help, he and screenwriter Khanh Ha thought of another story so that I wouldn’t have to grow a beard anymore.

Viet is also the character that makes me the most emotionally difficult, almost every segment requires me to push my emotions to the highest level, especially the scenes with my daughter. I like the scene where I play the guitar, talk to my daughter and apologize to her, because it’s not easy to say sorry to her.”

Viet Anh constantly bursts into tears when she talks about her daughter - 1

During the press conference, Viet Anh choked many times and had to stop speaking repeatedly because he couldn’t control his emotions when he talked about his daughter – the result of his first marriage. The actor confided: “My daughter in the movie and in real life are only a few years apart in age, so in the first days of accepting the role, I always had the feeling that if at some point in my life, I met her again, I would also have to face many challenges. I haven’t had a chance to meet my daughter for a long time, I hope that when the drama airs, she will be able to see and understand how full of love that dad has for her.”

Viet Anh is one of the most prominent actors in the Northern film industry, both in acting and appearance. He is highly appreciated by experts for his ability to transform with many types of roles.

Regarding her private life, Viet Anh was married to editor Thuy Linh in 2007 and has a daughter, intimately named Strawberry. In 2009, the two announced their separation and officially divorced a year later. In 2014, Viet Anh announced that she had registered to marry Huong Tran, but had not yet held a wedding. In 2017, the couple welcomed their son Dau Dau born.

However, Viet Anh’s second love affair was not complete. He once again came to a decision to divorce in June 2019.

Movie Ex-husband, ex-wife, ex-lover by the Drama Production Center (VFC), Vietnam Television. This is a serial movie Are you a man? Episode 1 was broadcast on the evening of April 28 on VTV3.

Video: Trailer of the movie “Ex-husband, ex-wife, ex-lover”

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