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Vietnamese women have the most “flat” breasts in the world, the reason why women should be happier than sad

This is the result of the site’s world data analysis World Data.

According to this result, out of the 83 countries where the data were compared, the 10 countries with the world’s smallest average bust size are:

1. Vietnam
2. Bangladesh
3. Cambodia
4. Nepal
5. Congo
6. Burma
7. Philippines
8. Central Africa
9. Indonesia
10. Sri Lanka

The top 10 countries in terms of “twin mountain” size are: Norway; Lucxembourg; Iceland; America; Brother; Venezuela; Columbia; Switzerland; Netherland; Canada.

This arrangement is quite similar to the list on the world population assessment site World Population Review.

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List of countries with the largest (top) and smallest (bottom) bust sizes. Screenshot of World Data page.

According to experts, each woman has her own bust size and is often influenced by a number of factors, including genetics, nutrition and diet, weight, body mass index (BMI). BM), fitness level and age. Breast size is not constant and often changes depending on the menstrual cycle and whether a woman is pregnant or breastfeeding.

Why do Southeast Asian women have small breasts?

In general, according to the results of data comparison, women with the largest breast size are concentrated in Europe and the United States, while the smallest are concentrated in African and Southeast Asian countries. Experts say this is due to a number of reasons:

The first is due to genetics – as women in those areas are usually smaller and lighter in weight. The average woman in Southeast Asia is about 1.53m tall and weighs less than 55kg. In Central Africa, women are less than 1.60m tall and weigh less than 60kg – also thinner than the global average.

The second reason is related to the climate factor. In particularly hot areas, the body expends far greater amounts of energy to cool itself and keep bodily functions in balance. The chest consists mostly of fatty tissue, which is the body’s own energy storage site. If energy is quickly withdrawn from the body, no fat tissue can form. Since then the chest is also smaller.

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Many women want larger breasts. (Illustration)

Finally, some assume that women in Southeast Asian and Central African countries lead more active lifestyles, thereby reducing body mass index and breast size. In fact, breast enlargement is common in countries where obesity is also a problem. Women’s breasts consist of a large amount of fatty tissue and glands. Breast shape depends not only on genetic factors, but also on fat content and the composition of connective tissues.

How to measure bust size and choose bra

Arguably, the best way to determine the average breast size in a country is to check the number of bra sizes sold there.

Although there are at least six different bra sizes in use around the world (most commonly some countries use inches (one inch equals 2.54cm), such as 34C, and one Some countries measure in cm, such as 70C, bra size is generally expressed in cup size (cup A, B, C, D…).

As a rule, the number represents the width measurement around the base of the bust (just below the bust). To determine cup size, people measure around the fullest part of the breast (usually following the contour from the nipple) and compare that number with the area under the bust. The larger the difference between these two measurements, the larger the cup size. This measurement is usually expressed in letters, with cup A being the smallest, then progressing in alphabetical order, to cup D.

In some systems, additional variations in cup size are noted on a scale of 5 to 1. Bra sizes in such a system will range from DD-5 in maximum size to A-1 in the smallest size…

Finally, bra sizes can vary between manufacturers even within the same country. So, instead of simply assuming that a new 34B from one brand will fit as closely as a 34B worn by another brand, you should measure your bust and look up the corresponding size that the manufacturer is recommending. producing notes.

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